University of Manitoba

GeoScience Awareness

The Department of Geological Sciences actively supports its member's through various activities including:

  • the alumni newsletter and and other alumni activities
  • school visits in support of the Manitoba science curriculum
  • sample identification (e.g., rocks, minerals, fossils, meteorites)
  • visits to the Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie and the R.B. Ferguson Mineral Museum
  • organizations such as the Winnipeg Geological Society, the Manitoba Mineral Society, EdGEO, NSERC and the Manitoba Science Schools Symposium (MSSS) and the Science Teachers Association of Manitoba (STAM)
  • pdf copy of the Geology of the Manitoba Legislative Building (Brisbin et al, 2005) as published by Geoscience Canada
For further information contact the Department at 474-9371.

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