Medical Physics
The multidisciplinary Medical Physics research programs are primarily focused on addressing problems in Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology. Exciting and award winning research is being carried out in such diverse areas as: breast imaging using MR, microwaves and x-ray scattering, portal image dosimetry and treatment verification, image processing, radiation therapy treatment delivery optimisation, spectroscopic MRI, stereotactic radiosurgery, and the modeling, simulation and analysis of radiation transport.

Faculty in this research area:

B. McCurdy Medical Physics 203 Allen (474-6206)
S. Pistorius Medcial Physics 205 Allen (474-6205)


Adjunct faculty in this research area:

A. Berndt CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2518
J. Bews CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-1804
I. Elbakri CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2856
E. Elhami University of Winnipeg (204) 786-9131
I. Fife CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2213
A. Goertzen Radiology (204) 975-7771
S. King Institute for Biodiagnostics (204) 948-2409
J.S. Lewis CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-7322
M. Martin University of Winnipeg (204) 786-9442
D. Rickey CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-1764
L. Ryner Institute for Biodiagnostics (204) 948-7693
S. Venkataraman CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2211


Research Image

Research Image