Condensed Matter Physics
The study of condensed matter continues to be the largest branch of physics, both in terms of the diversity of remarkable phenomena that are being discovered and applied, and number of physicists employed. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics is a major research strength in the department, where we focus on experiment and theory in three overlapping core areas: nanoscale physics, contemporary magnetism and wave physics. Current research directions include electronic properties of nanoscale systems, dynamic spintronics, magnetism in nanoscale systems, novel magnetic properties induced by various kinds of disorder, and the mesoscale physics of novel wave phenomena in complex structured materials. Phase transitions and magnetic excitations in multi-dimensional systems are also of key interest, as are point defects in crystalline insulators.

Our research groups are well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, offering our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows access to excellent research facilities in our core areas of nanomagnetism, spintronics and wave physics. Our involvement with setting up one of the Westgrid nodes on campus facilitates ready access to Canada’s large-scale computational facilities. The scope of our research is also strengthened by strong collaborations with researchers in other departments, nearby institutions, and with members of the Manitoba Institute for Materials.

 Faculty in this research area:

J. Burgess Ultrafast Microscopy and Magnetism 318 Allen (474-6180)
T. Chakraborty Nanophysics (Theory) 223 Allen (474-7041)
C.M. Hu Dynamic Spintronics 332 Allen (474-6189)
J. van Lierop Nanomagnetism 322 Allen (474-6191)
J.H. Page Wave Physics of Complex Materials 334 Allen (474-9852)
J. Sirker Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems 515 Allen (474-6192)
B.W. Southern Magnetism (Theory/Simulations) 320 Allen (474-6179)
B. Stamps Magnetism (Theory/Simulations) 301 Allen (474-9817)
J.M. Vail Theory 522 Allen (474-6890)
G. Williams Magnetism

522 Allen (474-6890)





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