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Physics & Astronomy Major Degree Program
The Major degree program (program chart, program information) offers a significant degree of specialization in Physics & Astronomy, while leaving considerable flexibility for you to pursue additional areas of interest during your course of study. This program incorporates the first three years of the Honours degree requirements, which are scheduled at a less intense pace over a 4 year time period.

Physics & Astronomy Honours Degree Program
The Honours degree programs (program chart, program information) are designed to offer students the highest degree of specialization in Physics & Astronomy at the undergraduate level, with the goal of preparing them to enter graduate school in these or closely related scientific or engineering areas. An optional path with increased emphasis on Astronomy is included. Students are encouraged to choose additional optional courses from the Physics & Astronomy, Computer Science, Chemistry or Geophysics calendar to enhance their program.

Honours Biological & Medical Physics
Medical physics is the application of physics to medicine. It generally concerns physics as applied to medical imaging and radiotherapy, although a medical physicist may also work in many other areas of healthcare. A medical physics department may be based in either a hospital or a university and its work is likely to include research, technical development, and clinical healthcare. The Medical and Biological Physics Honours degree stream (see Honours option C) introduces students to the theory, tools and techniques required for a career in Biological, Medical or Health Physics. Students will generally go on to study medicine or will enter graduate studies.  Students have the opportunity to take courses that are taught as part of the UM Medical Physics Graduate program. The UM Medical Physics Graduate program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs (CAMPEP).

Physics & Chemistry Joint Honours Degree Program
An exceptional interdisciplinary program that incorporates courses from Physics and Chemistry. This program (details) consists of 120 credit hours of study spread over four years in these two fields. It is geared towards students who wish to work in the fascinating research areas of the material sciences.

Physics & Biochemistry Double Honours Degree Program
This program combines courses from Physics, Biochemistry and Microbiology to provide a unique interdisciplinary program. It is ideally suited for those students who are interested in working in the exciting research areas currently opening up at the confluence of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Physics & Math Joint Honours Degree Program
The joint program (details) features a greater degree of specialization in mathematics, with less emphasis on experimental training, than the Physics & Astronomy Honours program. This challenging program, which is ideally suited for students interested in a career in theoretical physics, features 132 credit hours of study, of which all but 6 are from Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy. Students graduating from this program are well prepared to enter graduate school in these and closely related fields.

Physics & Computer Science Joint Honours Degree Program (with co-op option)
The joint Physics & Astronomy/ Computer Science Honours program (details) combines core elements of the undergraduate Honours program in Physics & Astronomy with key courses from the Honours degree in Computer Science. Students will benefit from exposure to practical problem solving in physical science using computational methods as well as by gaining specific expertise in computer operating systems, data structures and scientific computing. Of 120 credit hours required for the program, 108 credit hours are taken from the departments of Physics & Astronomy, Computer Science and Mathematics.

Other Options
Programs of study for the Three Year General Degree with a specialization in Physics & Astronomy, as well as a Minor in Physics & Astronomy are also available (program chart, program information). These programs are well suited to students who seek a diversified training in science with some advanced training in Physics & Astronomy. Both of these options incorporate a minimum of 12 credit hours selected from Physics & Astronomy courses at the 2nd and 3rd year level. The three year general program is sufficiently flexible that students can, with permission of the department, transfer to a four year Major program provided that the Majors course requirements are also met.