The Department of Physics and Astronomy provides a high quality undergraduate study program, leading to major and honors degrees in physics with a variety of possible specializations, inlcuding biological and medical physics as well as combined honors programs in physics and chemistry, physics and math, and physics and computer science. Our program emphasizes the combination of theoretical and practical skills through rigurous classroom based training and early, real research experience. Our undergraduates have opportunities to begin their research experience under the direct guidance of a faculty advisor, as early as in their second year. While our honors programs aim to prepare the student for graduate study in the natural sciences, providing basic academic training and a sound understanding of the theoretical foundations in physics, our program also provides students with problem solving and a variety of practical skill sets that will prove to be invaluable outside of academia as well; in industry, business, or the public sector.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is the only graduate-degree granting program in this subject area, in the Province of Manitoba. We strive to provide the highest quality academic and professional training for students, at the Ph.D. and M.Sc. level, in a broad range of areas of specialization, including medcial phyiscs and fundamental research in subfields such as condensed matter and subatomic physics. The main objectives are to provide the broad and deep training characteristic of physics and astronomy as a resource to the province, to attract new talent to the province from around the world, thereby contributing to an educated workforce, and to continue to produce the outstanding reserach achievements in this field, for which the province is already known.