Adjunct Faculty
S. Bacca (Ph.D.)
TRIUMF (604) 222-7372
J. Behr (Ph.D.) TRIUMF (604) 222-1047 x6371
C. Bidinosti (Assoc. Prof.)
University of Winnipeg (204) 786-7811
M.E. Carrington (Prof.)
Brandon University (204) 727-7402
I. Elbakri (Ph.D.)
CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2856
E. Elhami (Asst. Prof.)
University of Winnipeg (204) 786-9131
I. Fife (Ph.D.)
CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2213
A. Frey (Asst. Prof)
University of Winnipeg (204) 786-9215
A. Goertzen (Ph.D.)
Radiology (204) 975-7771
H. Ingleby (Ph.D.) CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2126
B. Jamieson (Asst. Prof.) University of Winnipeg (204) 786 9216
G. Kunstatter (Prof.)
University of Winnipeg (204) 786-9862
J. Lassen (Ph.D.)
TRIUMF (604) 222-7588
R. Mammei (Ph.D) University of Winnipeg (204) 988-7491
J. Martin (Prof.)
University of Winnipeg (204) 786-9443
M. Martin (Prof.)
University of Winnipeg (204) 786-9442
D. Rickey (Ph.D.)
CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-1764
R. Rivest (Ph.D.) CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2297
L. Ryner (Ph.D.)
CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-8537
E. van Uytven CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787 2297
S. Venkataraman (Ph.D.)
CancerCare Manitoba (204) 787-2211


The department of Physics and Astronomy currently has 24 full time research active faculty members, including a tier I Canada research chair in condensed matter theory a tier II Canada research chair in observational astrophysics and a distinguished professor in mesoscale physics and wave phenomena. The department currently also has 5 professors emeritus, including one distinguished professor emeritus, and 8 retired professors holding the rank of senior scholar. Most of our retired faculty continue to be very active in research. The department has been successful in refilling positions with many young faculty members and has a low average age.

The department also has 21 adjunct faculty from institutions including the University of Winnipeg, CancerCare Manitoba, The NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics, Brandon University, and TRIUMF.