Support Staff
 Technical Staff

Langelaar, Maiko Programmer Analyst 247E Allen (474-9273)
Yamchuk, Andriy
Lab Tech 401 Allen (474-9214)
Wang, Peiqing Lab Tech 529 Allen (474-9817 to page)


Office Staff

Beshta, Susan Grad Studies Secretary 301 Allen (474-9817)
Schwartz, Peggy Office Assistant (Chakraborty) 225 Allen (474-7041)
Beaulieu, Robyn Admin Assistant 301 Allen (474-9817)
Aymsley Bishop-Mahon Undergrad Studies Secretary 301 Allen (474-9817)

The department is fortunate to have a number of instructors and an active, knowledgable staff supporting us in the main department office, handling our IT and computing needs, in the machine shop, in the electronics shop, and in undergraduate and graduate laboratories.