Congratulations to Wolfgang Klassen (4th year Hons) who placed 2nd in the Applied Sciences category at the U of M 2016 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition for a poster titled "Development of a large area MCP based proton detector for use in Nab experimental design".

Upcoming Colloquia

Mar. 3 - Graduate Student Colloquia
Mar. 10 - Dr. W. McKinnon, Washington U.
Mar. 17 - Dr. R. J. Holmes, U. of Minnesota
Mar. 24 - Dr. Franklin, Harvard (Big Data Series)
Mar. 31 - Dr. R. Stewart, UM
Apr. 7 - Dr. A. Luican-Mayer, U. of Ottawa (CAP Lecturer)
Apr. 21 - Dr. S. Nagasaki, RIKEN
Apr. 28 - Dr. Gordon, Stanford (Big Data Series)

Next Colloquium

Dr. B. Dyck, Asper School of Business, UM
"Can quantum physics help to solve the socio-ecological crises facing humankind?"

Friday, February 17, 3:30 pm
330 Allen Building