2018/19 Scheduled Colloquia

Fall 2018


Friday, Sep. 14
4:00 pm

Talks by a M.Sc. student, a Ph.D. student, and a Post Doctoral Fellow from the Department of Physics and Astronomy ; Homegrown research in Microwave Imaging, Winds from Neutron Stars, and Ultrasound Wave Transport.

Thursday, Sep. 20
6:00 pm

Public Talk by Anita Guerrini in Robert Schultz Lecture, see next item for more details

Friday, Sep. 21
12:00 pm

Robin Connor Series with Anita Guerrini, U of Oregon, (Corvallis), William Hunter and Eighteenth-Century Anatomical Collections, held in 307 Tier Building. Also a public talk  on Sept 20. More information can be found here.

Sep.24 to Sep. 28 Rebecca Kamen's Art and Science visit.
see http://www.sci.umanitoba.ca/rebecca-kamen for more information.

Friday, Sep. 28
2 pm

Faculty of Science
Shawn Qu, UofM Physics Alumnus
More information here.

Friday, Oct. 5

 JSA Promising Young Scientist

Friday, Oct. 12
4:00 pm


Friday, Oct. 19
4:00 pm


Friday, Oct. 26
4:00 pm

John Walker, UW, TRIUMF

Friday, Nov. 2
4:00 pm

Yjan Gordon, UM

Friday, Nov. 9
4:00 pm

Tentatively booked for Graduate Students Colloquium

Friday, Nov. 16

Term Break

Friday, Nov. 23
3:00 pm

Faculty of Science
Peter Bubenik, University of Florida (Gainesville)

Friday, Nov. 30
4:00 pm


Friday, Dec. 7
4:00 pm

Last day of class

Winter 2018


Friday, Jan. 11
4:00 pm

 Khodr Shamseddine, UM

Friday, Jan. 18
3:00 pm ?

Faculty of Science
Kristi Miller-Saunders, Pacific Biological Station (Nanaimo, BC)

Friday, Jan. 25


Friday, Feb. 1


Friday, Feb. 8


Friday, Feb. 15


Friday, Feb. 22

Term Break

Friday, Mar. 1


Friday, Mar. 8

Jorge Piekarewicz, Florida State University

Friday, Mar. 15
3:00 pm

Faculty of Science
Juliette Legler, Brunel University (London)

Friday, Mar. 22


Friday, Mar. 29


Friday, Apr. 5
2:00 pm

 Michel Dumontier, Maastricht University (Amsterdam)