Graduate Student Experience

Name: Jared P. Bruce

Area of Specialization: Materials Chemistry

     The Department of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba has some of the top research facilities in Canada when it comes to Materials Science and Engineering. The newly formed Manitoba Institute of Materials, in particular, has world-class personnel and individual access to instrumentation that sets them apart from other large institutions. The Faculty members are also extremely approachable and support, both academically and personally, is never difficult to find. There was always a real sense of community unique to both Manitoba and the Department of Chemistry. Winnipeg itself is a vibrant, culturally diverse city that is always bustling with activity. The cold of winter or the hot of summer doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying the outdoors. There is usually a music or cultural festival every weekend throughout the year in the city. Our professional sports teams include the Jets, Blue Bombers and Goldeyes and are usually the talk of the town. The City’s museums, including the newly constructed Canadian Museum for Human Rights and art gallery are second to none. Having all of this in your backyard while still keeping that small town feeling is what makes Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba unique and a great place to live, learn and grown as a person.


Name: Ed Bodnar

Area of Specialization: Analytical Chemistry

      Chemistry for me has always been very interesting even when I was in high school. However, towards the end of my Bachelors degree (in Chemistry), I found myself wanting the opportunity to expand my knowledge in unique and interesting subfields; namely glycomics and proteomics. Here at the University of Manitoba, the department has a variety of instruments, including the Manitoba Chemical Analysis Laboratory, NMR facilities etc all of which have helped me pursue my PhD. When I speak to graduate students from other Universities, one comment I find is that generally they have larger groups and also a technician to run their samples. Here at the University of Manitoba I am able to access instrumentation as well as have hands on training not only on the equipment which is pertinent to my research, but many groups are open to collaborations as well. In terms of the city, Winnipeg is culturally diverse including events such as Folklorama held in the month of August or Festival du Voyageur in the month of February. Regarding entertainment, the city boasts a hockey and football team (Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers), it also has an Exchange district which is lively with the arts crowd, and furthermore a variety of cuisines from around the world.