Graduate Program Application Process

Applying for admission into the Chemistry Graduate Programs through the Faculty of Graduate Studies requires several important steps. Please read through the steps below prior to submitting an application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

STEP 1: Find an advisor 

The first step in applying to our graduate program is to choose a potential advisor from our research active faculty whose research interests you. Before applying to our graduate program, you must ensure that you have a potential advisor that is willing to work with you as a graduate student. While applications submitted to the University without an advisor will still be reviewed, admittance into the program will not be granted until an advisor has been secured.

         To find out more about the research interests of our faculty, please visit our Research Areas Page. You should contact the professor you are interested in working with to see if they are currently accepting applications from prospective graduate students.

           If you are unsure about which group might fit your interests or are interested in several groups, please fill out and submit an Information Form. The information you provide will be sent to all facutly members in the areas you specify. Please note - this form is NOT an application to the Graduate program but will help us to match you with a potential advisor. 

STEP 2: Check application deadlines

Students can begin study in Fall term (September), Winter term (January), Summer 1 term (May) and Summer 2 term (July). The application deadlines for each of these start dates can be found on the Facuty of Graduate Studies web site.


STEP 3: Review requirements *

The Faculty of Graduate Studies admissions pages detail the admission requirements, required documents and payment information for application to all graduate programs at the U of M. Please review all requirements before applying to avoid delays in having your application processed.

* All students for whom English is not their primary language must complete a recognized English language proficiency test. For more information on the required exams and scores see the International Student Application Requirements.

STEP 4: Apply online through Faculty of Graduate Studies


If you have any questions about the online application or application requirements, please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies.                       (Email | Website)

For more information on the Chemistry Graduate Program, please contact:

Keith Travis

Academic Programs Administrator