Materials Science Research

Dr. Mario Bieringer

Our research focuses on the preparation of novel inorganic solids and the investigation of their physical properties in an attempt to establish structure-property relationships. The materials of concern belong to the groups of transition metal oxides, lanthanide oxides and metal oxychlorides. The investigation of physical properties, crystallographic structures and electronic structures allows the identification of structure-property relationships in solids.
Website: Bieringer Group

Dr. Michael Freund

We work at the interface between electronics and and chemistry focusing on the synthesis of new nanomaterials for sensing, electronics and energy conversion. Our work ranges from fundamental studies on structure property relationships to applications in emerging technologies. Research in this area involves exposure to leading edge synthetic, electrochemical, surface science and micro-fabrication techniques.
Website: Freund Group

Dr. Scott Kroeker

Research in our group involves the structural investigation of inorganic and organometallic materials. The principal method of characterization is nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). As many of the materials of interest contain nuclei with quadrupole moments, substantial efforts are devoted to the development of NMR techniques designed to probe such systems.
Website: Kroeker Group