Organic Research
Dr. Rebecca Davis

Research in the Davis group focuses on exploring of the mechanisms of asymmetric organocatalytic reactions and broadening the range of organic reactions in which asymmetric organocatalysis can be applied. To accomplish these tasks, we employ a combination of computational, kinetic and synthetic techniques to study and develop organocatalytic and metal-organo cooperative catalytic reactions.
Website: Davis Group 

Dr. Philip Hultin We are interested in synthetic method development. We have recently been pursuing a simple modular strategy to construct benzo[b]furans, indoles, benzo[b]thianes and related heterocycles. The concept is based on the ability to selectively functionalize the two C-Cl bonds and the C-H bond in adducts of trichloroethylene.
Website: Hultin Group
Dr. Frank Schweizer

The focus of our research is in Medicinal Chemistry. In particular, we are interested in carbohydrate-based antibacterials, antitumor agents and compounds involved in immunomodulation. In collaboration with researchers at the Faculty of Health Sciences, we are exploring the biological properties, toxicity and modes of action of our lead structures. The ultimate goal is to identify drug candidates worthy for validation in clinical trials.
Website: Schweizer Group

Dr. John Sorensen

The Sorensen group has an ongoing research program that is focused on the biosynthesis of natural products. Our main interest is the biosynthesis of polyketide natural products in lichen and other fungi. We are also examining the biosynthesis of novel natural products in soil fungi. We have other projects aimed at the synthesis of small molecules with biological applications.
Website: Sorensen Group