Faculty of Science Endowment Committee
(Approved April 17, 2014) 


1. Faculty of Science Endowment Fund derives primarily from voluntary gifts from alumni of the Faculty of Science. Student referendum funds derive solely from current students who have declared a major in one of the Faculty of Science undergraduate programs. Thus, both these funding sources are from Faculty of Science alumni or current majors.

2. Funds derived from income on the Faculty of Science Endowment Fund will be combined with funds provided through student referenda and any other funds provided from the Faculty of Science budget or otherwise to create a fund to be allocated annually following recommendations to the Dean by the Faculty of Science Endowment Committee. These funds are to be used for the direct support of undergraduate teaching and learning, primarily through the immediate purchase of undergraduate laboratory equipment. This supports the Faculty of Science strategic priority of engaging students directly in the activity of science.

3. The Endowment Committee shall consist of eleven members chosen as follows:

(a) Three faculty members elected by Faculty Council (one of each of the three divisions: life sciences, physical sciences, and computer and mathematical sciences) through a process of nomination and voting.
(b) One friend of the Faculty of Science, appointed by the Dean. This person should be a graduate of the Faculty and should not be a University employee.
(c) One member of the University support staff employed in the Faculty of Science, elected by support staff through a process of nomination and voting.
(d) Two students enrolled in graduate programs in Science chosen by the Dean in consultation with the Graduate Students Association. Graduate student members must have a minimum of one term of Teaching Assistant experience in their given or a related discipline.
(e) The Senior Stick and three other undergraduate students registered in the Faculty of Science chosen by the Science Student Association.
(f) Student members will represent the full range of disciplines in the Faculty of Science.
(g) Where possible, and with the exception of student members, members shall serve
staggered three-year terms. The Dean shall name the chair (non-voting) of the committee and provide administrative support.

4. The Endowment Committee shall meet at least once a year, and report to the Dean of Science. Normally, applications will be solicited for the 1st week of November and the Committee will meet during the 3rd week of November each year.

5. The Endowment Committee shall consider applications for use of funds and shall recommend on the funding of projects at its discretion.


6. Applications will be accepted from administrative units of the Faculty of Science, the Sciences and Technology Library, Let’s Talk Science, WISE, and student groups through the SSA. Justification must be provided. Where funding from other sources is possible, or where funding responsibility has normally been borne by another source, this should be thoroughly investigated before making application for Endowment Funds. All applications must be accompanied by current quotes, and applications which cover more than one item must include a clear indication of priority.

7. The committee will give priority to applications for undergraduate teaching equipment that contributes to modern, high quality, innovative science education. Committee members will balance the need to respect the source of the funds, the contribution to high quality, innovative science education, and the numbers of students who would benefit from each proposed project.

8. The results of each funding competition will be publicized on the Faculty of Science web site.

9. These terms of reference and guidelines are to be reviewed every five years by the Faculty Council of Science.