Committee on Computer and Network Resources

(formerly Information Services)

(Approved by Faculty Council February 26, 2008)


To oversee all matters pertaining to computer and network requirements in the Faculty.


  • the Dean or designate (presently the Associate Dean - Research) as Chair;
  • Faculty Systems Administrator;
  • One representative from each Department appointed by the Head;
  • One undergraduate student appointed by the Science Students' Association;
  • One graduate student appointed by the Graduate Students' Association;
  • an administrative assistant acting as recording secretary (non-voting);
  • Director of the Academic Computing Network, or designate, in an advisory capacity (non-voting).

Terms of Membership:

Faculty members will serve for three years and student members serve for one year, with renewal possible.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Committee shall:

  1. review and advise the Dean on policy matters related to computer and network requirements in the Faculty,
  2. act as the liaison between the Faculty and Information Services and Technology (IST), in particular with Academic Computing and Networking (ACN).


The Committee shall meet at least four times per year with additional meetings at the call of the Chair. The quorum shall be 50% of the voting membership plus one.