Faculty of Science Committee on Honours and Awards

(Approved by Faculty Council February 26, 2008)


In keeping with the Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Science, the Committee will be responsible for recommending the nomination of students, staff, faculty and alumni for honours and awards at the university, provincial, national and international levels.  It will also recommend on the establishment of new awards and honours.


  • The Dean or designate as Chair;
  • One academic staff member elected by each Department of the Faculty;
  • One support staff representative elected by and from the Faculty of Science support staff;
  • One undergraduate student appointed by the Science Students' Association;
  • One graduate student appointed by the Dean;
  • Associate Dean (Student Affairs);
  • Associate Dean (Research);
  • Executive Assistant (Student Affairs) (non-voting);
  • An administrative assistant acting as recording secretary (non-voting)

Terms of Membership:

Faculty members will serve for three years and student members serve for one year, with renewal possible.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Committee shall:

  1. nominate Science faculty members for prestigious international, national and University-specific research, teaching excellence, and outreach awards,
  2. recommend individuals to be nominated for honorary degrees and to prepare documentation to support such nominations for forwarding to the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees,
  3. receive nominations from Departments and to recommend to the Faculty Council individuals for the title of Professor Emeritus or Dean Emeritus,
  4. administer each year the selection of recipients for those scholarships, prizes and awards that are specific to the Faculty of Science, and to recommend the selections as appropriate to the Financial Aid and Awards Office,
  5. recommend to the Faculty Council the establishment of new awards and terms of reference therefore.  These may include but not be limited to:
    1. Dean of Science Award of Excellence: all graduating students who were named to the Dean's Honour list in every Term in which they were eligible,
    2. Faculty of Science Distinguished Scholar Medal: one annual medal, for balanced contributions to research, teaching and service (individual),
    3. Faculty of Science Award for Innovation in Teaching and Academic Programming (individual or team) Faculty of Science Support Staff Innovation Award (individual or team),
    4. Faculty of Science Support Staff of the Year Award (individual),
    5. Faculty of Science Award for Research Excellence,
    6. Faculty of Science Award for Teaching Excellence,
    7. Faculty of Science Outreach Award (team or individual, academic or support staff),
    8. Faculty of Science Annual Alumnus Award,
    9. review from time to time, the terms and conditions of scholarships, awards, and prizes specific to the Faculty of Science and to recommend any changes thereto.


The Committee shall meet twice yearly, in Fall and Winter Term, and more often at the call of the Chair. The quorum shall be 50% of the voting membership plus one.