Committee on Recruitment Activities and Exteranal Relations

(Approved by Faculty Council February 26, 2008)


In keeping with the Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Science this committee will be responsible for recommending and overseeing documents and activities designed to enhance the reputation and image of the Faculty of Science both within the University and external to it, including governments, business and industry, foundations, media, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the faculty.


  • The Dean (or designate), as Chair;
  • Associate Dean (Student Affairs);
  • Four members of the academic staff appointed by the Faculty Executive upon recommendation of the Dean;
  • One member of the support staff selected from the departments appointed by the Dean;
  • One undergraduate student appointed by the Science Students Association;
  • One graduate student appointed by the Dean;
  • Executive Assistant (Student Affairs) or designate (non-voting);
  • Communications Officer as Secretary (non-voting);
  • Development Officer as a resource (non-voting)

Terms of Membership:

Faculty members and support staff will serve for three years and student members serve for one year, with renewal possible.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Committee shall:

  1. develop, implement, and oversee plans for effective student recruitment, community outreach, and alumni relations,
  2. advise and assist the Communications Officer on the content and form of various types of media materials, including the faculty web site, to be used for the promotion of the faculty to prospective students, high school guidance counselors and government officials, etc.,
  3. coordinate the activities, materials and displays to be used at events such as career days, open houses and the like for the purpose of promoting the faculty and the study of science,
  4. establish and maintain a list of members of the faculty who would be willing and available to share their expertise with members of the local and national media and industry,
  5. liaise with the Alumni Association Inc. in the development of plans for hosting reunions of alumni and for participation in alumni events sponsored by the University and the Association,
  6. advise and assist the Communications Officer on content, methods, and materials to be used for developing and maintaining effective relations with alumni of the faculty,
  7. monitor the effectiveness of its activities and to report annually to Faculty Council on what has been accomplished.


The Committee shall meet twice yearly, in Fall and Winter Term, and more often at the call of the Chair. The quorum shall be 50% of the voting membership plus one.