Faculty of Science Committee on Graduate Studies

(Revised January 2008)

(Note: changes to FGS administrative protocols have been recently approved by Senate. This Committee will review the existing Terms of Reference at their next meeting)


To review on behalf of, and to make recommendations to the Faculty Executive, on all academic matters pertaining to graduate students and graduate programs in the Faculty of Science.


  • Associate Dean (Research) as Chair (votes only to break a tie);
  • Chair of each Departmental Graduate Committee or designate;
  • one Faculty of Science graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Association;
  • Head of the Science and Technology Library or designate;
  • an administrative assistant/student advisor acting as recording secretary and expert resource person (non-voting)

Terms of Membership:

No fixed term of membership. Concurrent with appointment in position described above.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Committee shall:

  1. review and recommend, through the Faculty of Science Executive Committee, to the Faculty of Science Council, decisions concerning the introduction, modification or deletion of graduate programs (including supplemental regulations), curricula or courses based on:
    1. need and value,
    2. additional cost to the Faculty and University for at least 5 years following the introduction or change,
    3. the effect on existing programs and courses,
    4. the effect of the policies and procedures of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on submissions of the Committee.
  2. develop guidelines for the Faculty of Science - University of Manitoba Graduate Scholarship competitions and any other scholarships/bursaries that may be introduced by the Faculty or the University, as it pertains to Faculty of Science graduate students,
  3. administer the selection of recipients of Faculty of Science - University of Manitoba Graduate Scholarships.      


The Committee shall meet at least three times a year to meet deadlines for submission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The quorum shall be 50% of the voting membership plus one. Departments shall submit proposals for program, curriculum and course changes on forms specified by Senate and supply all information as specified by these forms.