Faculty of Science Committee on Courses and Programs

(Approved by Faculty Council February 26, 2008)


To vet on behalf of, and to recommend to Faculty Executive, introduction, modification or abolition of undergraduate courses and programs.


  • One member from each Science Department appointed by the Head;
  • One member from each Faculty or School with which Science offers programs or courses.  Currently, these include the Department of Psychology in Faculty of Arts, and The Warren Centre in I H Asper School of Business;
  • the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Management and Science from CUSB or designate;
  • the Head of the Science Library or designate;
  • Senior Stick of Science Students' Association or designate;
  • Associate Dean (Student Affairs) as Chair (votes only in case of tie);
  • Executive Assistant (Student Affairs) (ex officio, non-voting);
  • Student Advisor as Secretary (non-voting).

Terms of Membership:

No fixed term of membership.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

The Committee shall:

  1. evaluate all proposals concerning the introduction, modification or deletion of programs, curricula or courses based on:
    1. need and value of any proposed program, curriculum or course change within the Faculty of Science and the academic and general communities;
    2. additional cost to the Faculty and University of any changes;
    3. effect of the proposal on other existing programs;
    4. initiate development of new programs and courses                

Approved course and program changes are forwarded by the Secretary to the Faculty Executive. The Secretary ensures that all relevant information has been provided and conforms to Senate format and meets Senate Committee on Curriculum and Course Changes deadlines for course changes.


The Committee shall meet at least three times a year. A June meeting deals with the majority of proposals to be submitted to Senate Committee on Curriculum and Course Changes to meet the September deadline.  A follow up meeting will take place in late August or early September to finalize any outstanding proposals from the June meeting.  A meeting is held in January/February to deal with changes that are beneficial to students but are not substantial (e.g. prerequisite removal, introduction of new courses for upcoming year). Other meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair. The quorum shall be 50% of the voting membership plus one. The Chair votes only to break a tie.