Committee on Student Standing (CSS)

 (Approved by Faculty Council February 12, 2014)


To decide on student appeals of their academic situation, including admissions appeals. To consider changes to existing, or development of new, policies and regulations regarding students standing, including admission to the Faculty of Science.


  • Six faculty members from a representative selection of departments/disciplines in the Faculty of Science appointed by the Faculty Executive upon recommendation of the Dean
  • Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) as Chair (votes only in case of tie)
  • Executive Assistant (Student Affairs) as Secretary (non-voting)
  • Three students recommended by the Science Students’ Association and appointed by the Faculty Executive


Terms of Membership:

Faculty members will serve for three years and student members serve for one year, with renewal possible.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Committee shall:

  • rule on appeals pertaining to academic matters submitted by students. The Chair (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies) can, when warranted, decide on behalf of the Committee, to deny an appeal judged to be without merit.
  • Statute of Limitations: Students who intend to appeal matters concerning regulations or decisions of the Faculty which may affect their registration must arrange to submit a written appeal, including pertinent documentation, to the Secretary, normally within three months following the term in which the course was taken or from the date of the academic decision. Appeals will not be considered beyond three years after the end of the course, or from the date of the academic decision.
  • Reconsideration of appeals: Once the Committee on Student Standing has decided on an appeal, reconsideration by the Committee is only possible if new, compelling evidence and documentation is presented.
  • consider changes to academic policies and implementation thereof. Such decisions will be referred to the Faculty Executive.

At least four times a year, at the call of the Secretary, based on number of appeals received. The quorum shall be three voting members for student appeals and four voting members for policy matters. The Chair votes only to break a tie.