Colin Garroway
Photo of Colin Garroway

Assistant Professor

Office 421E Bio-Sci Bldg
(204) 474-8267

My research integrates population genomic, evolutionary, and ecological analyses to explore the ways that population structures form, persist, collapse, and change through time. This involves both intensive field-based work on wild animal populations and computer-based data modelling and analysis.

If you are interested in joining the group for field, lab, or computer based aspects of this work please get in touch! There will be positions available beginning this summer.

A complete and up to date list of publications can be found at my Google scholar page. Click here for my in need of an update personal page.

Research Interests

Landscape and population genetics, evolutionary ecology, local adaptation, gene flow and genetic drift, conservation and management, behaviour

Recent Publications

  • Crates RA, Firth JA, Farine DR, Garroway CJ, Kidd LR, Aplin LM, Radersma R, Milligan ND,Voelkl B, Culina A, Verhelst BL, Hinde CA, and Sheldon BC (2017). Individual variation in winter supplementary food consumption and its consequences for reproduction in wild birds. Journal of Avian Biology 47, 678-689.
  • Perry JC, GarrowayCJ, and Rowe L (2017). The role of ecology, neutral processes and antagonistic coevolution in an apparent sexual arms race. Ecology Letters 20, 1107-1117.
  • Radersma R, Garroway CJ, Santure AW, De Cauwer I, Farine DR, Slate J, Sheldon BC (2017). Social and spatial effects on genetic variation between foraging flocks in a wild bird population. Molecular Ecology 26, 5807-5819.
  • Grabowska-Zhang AM, Hinde CA, Garroway CJ, Sheldon BC (2016). Wherever I may roam: social viscosity and kin affiliation in a wild population despite natal dispersal. Behavioral Ecology 27, 1263-1268.
  • Laine VN, Gossmann TI, Schachtschneider KM, Garroway CJ, Madsen O, Verhoeven KJF, de Jager VCL, Megens HJ,Warren WC, Minx P, and et al. (2016). Evolutionary signals of selection on cognition from the great tit genome and methylome. Nature Communications 10474 .

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Upcoming Seminars

General seminar: Paige Kowal, MSc Defense: “A historical analysis of the changes in connectivity and plant cover in Netley-Libau Marsh, Manitoba, Canada: Distinguishing the effects of Lake Winnipeg and Red River hydrologyon...” — Friday, March 1 at 8:30 a.m., 304 Biological Sciences.

General seminar: Dr. Geoff Wasteneys: “Exploring Cell Proliferation in Root Apical Meristems: The role of cytoskeletonhormone feedback systems” — Friday, March 1 at 11:30 a.m., 205 Armes.

General seminar: Christophe Lemoine: “TBA” — Friday, March 1 at 3:30 p.m., 207 Buller.

General seminar: Crakerjack Seminar: “TBA” — Friday, March 8 at 3:30 p.m., 207 Buller.