Yuen Gets National Recognition
posted 5 July 2012
by Maureen Paisley

Congratulations to Janet Yuen who was one of the 2012 Let's Talk Science (LTS) site coordinators receiving national recognition for demonstrating excellence through innovation, site development, effective communication, and for her contributions to science outreach and science literacy.

During her two-year tenure as site coordinator at the University of Manitoba, Yuen worked tirelessly to recruit and support volunteers, and her success can be seen in the growth in volunteers which exceeded 140 (mostly Faculty of Science Students) in 2011/2012.

Nurturing Relationships and Supporting Volunteers the Key to Success

By nurturing key relationships with volunteers and supporters at the university and community levels, the profile and activities of LTS at the University of Manitoba and in the community at large rose dramatically - from 1000 youth reached in 2009/2010 to over 8,600 in 2011/2012.

Yuen says of her experience working with volunteers: "I had the privilege to watch volunteers grow as individuals. It was really cool to be able to meet them when they are new with no experience with classroom presentations at all, to seeing them master the presentation techniques and signing up for more and more activities in the future."

Yuen keeps in touch with the volunteers through a website, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and has nurtured partnerships with the Children's Hospital, the Cree Nation and numerous schools and community agencies in the province. The community outreach model of holding activity kiosks at local malls was initiated at the University of Manitoba and has spread like wildfire among LTS groups across the country.

Hands-On Involvement

As one of three coordinators for the Let's Talk Science program at the University of Manitoba, Yuen was involved in every aspect of the program ranging from the organization of the 210 outreach activities to recruiting, training and supporting volunteers, to working with schools and community organizations, to preparing science kits to volunteering her time at various outreach events.  This list is extensive, but by no means exhaustive.

For example, on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, on the invitation of the Principal and science teacher at Hugh John Macdonald Junior High School, Yuen presented the 2012 Let's Talk Science, University Manitoba, All Science Challenge certificates to 12 students at the Farewell and Awards Ceremony.

Yuen addressed the audience, describing the missions and values of LTS at the University of Manitoba - yet another example of the work of the group in the community.

Teamwork Made it the Most Successful Year in LTS History at UM

According to Yuen, "The national recognition I got for LTS wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of my coordinating team.  It was really our amazing teamwork this year that lead to the tremendous growth in all directions." 

Congratulations to Janet Yuen and the coordinating team for their outstanding work!

Let's Talk Science is a national, award-winning, charitable organization that delivers science learning programs and services to children, free of charge, through their network of of volunteers at universities across Canada.  The Faculty of Science provides financial support for activities of LTS.



Janet Yuen addressing parents, teachers and students at Hugh John Macdonald School 


Presenting award certificate

 Photos courtesy of David Tang