News: 2012 Archive
updated 4 December  2012
Choy_150x110 Congratulations to Emily Choy, the L'Oreal Canada for Women in Science Fellowship winner who will be mentoring young women in science.  More>>
Let's Talk Science volunteers showed off their biotech know-how to MPs, MLAs and local industry leaders at Lab at the Leg, as part of National Biotechnolgy Week.  LTS will be holding its annual Meet at Greet on 28 September.  Learn more about the group, and become a volunteer.  More>>
Campbell_120x110 Kevin Campbell, Biological Sciences, just published an article in Scientific American on his woolly mammoth hemoglobin research.  The Winnipeg Free Press covers his story.  More>>
Jimmy_150x110 The Computer Science robots, Jennifer and Jimmy, are off to Bristol, U.K. to compete in the Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (FIRA) Olympics.  The Winnipeg Free Press covered their story on 10 August 2012.  More>>
Yuen_LTS_Recognition Janet Yuen receives recognition from the National Let's Talk Science Program for her tireless work as site coordinator. (Pictured with Yinh Huynh, Principal of Hugh John Macdonald School at an outreach event.)  More>>
Jennifer_15-x110 Jennifer, the cute Computer-Science, hockey-playing robot, wins first prize at the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society competition.  More>>
Makenbach Sarah Makenbach, Undergraduate Biological Sciences student, spends her summer in South Africal studying the yellow mongoose and the cape ground squirrel.  More>>
Stetefeld CRC Jörg Stetefeld's Canada Research Chair in Structural Biology Renewed.  More>>
Chantal Bassett is the new Research Facilitator for the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.  Learn more about Chantal and the help she provides to researchers.  More>>
Pourang Irani, Computer Science, just received funding for two exciting projects: the first, to investigate the use of see-through displays, the second, to develop technology to help large organizations (like hospitals) track daily activities.  More>>
The Grand Opening of Biological Sciences Building and the Buller Building Redevelopment was on 27 January 2012. The upgraded facilities will support researchers and students into the future.  More>>
Tapash Chakraborty, Physics and Astronomy, has been honoured by the American Physical Society, and has been elected a Fellow of the Society.  More>>
Michele Piercey-Normore, Biological Sciences, has been appointed Associated Dean (Undergraduate Studies) in the Faculty of Science effective 1 January 2012 - 30 June 2015.
Jorg Stetefeld, Chemistry, works on a diverse array of projects ranging from analyzing snake venom to reconstructing wooly mammoths hemoglobin.  More>>