LTS joins in at Lab at the Leg(islature)
21 September 2012
by Maureen Paisley

In conjuction with National Biotechnology Week, Let's Talk Science (LTS) volunteers got to show off their biotech know-how with fun, hand-on activities at Lab at the Leg

Lab at the Leg brings together government officials, local industry leaders, researchers and the public to learn more about biotechnology activites in Manitoba and to excite, engage and educate participants about the possibilities of biotechnology. 

This is the first time LTS has been involved, and the 8 volunteers hosted 3 stations including: strawberry DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis and the extraction of secondary metabolites from lichens.  Attendees had a chance to try-out the various hand-on activities and learn more about biotech in the province. 

The Let’s Talk Science Outreach Program at the University of Manitoba is part a national volunteer program where university students promote science literacy for children through fun and exciting hands-on activities. They do this by partnering undergraduate and graduate student volunteers with teachers and by getting involved in community science outreach. They motivate and empower youth (and now MPs and MLAs) to use science, technology and engineering to develop critical skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to thrive in our world! There service is free to all teachers and students in Manitoba.

If you are interested in becoming an LTS volunteer, please join them at their "Meet and Greet" on Friday, 28 September 2012 at 6pm in 229 EITC.  Please RSVP to:


Strawberry DNA Extraction

LTS volunteers l-r, Janet, Faisal and Julie with lichen exhibit and activity

LTS Lab at the Leg volunteers l-r: Faisal, Julie, Fiona, Danielle, Melissa, Janet, Kristin and Mark.