Archives: News and Announcements 2011
updated 3 January 2012
 Let's Talk Science (LTS) volunteers worked with over 400 students in Beausejour inspiring scientists of the future.  More>>
Congratulations to Laina Geary winner of a prestigious Banting Fellowship!  More>>
It's a Jungle Out There: What bacteria can teach us about survival and predation!  Teri de Kievit is piecing together the puzzle aimed at understanding how biocontrol agents inhibit fungal diseases in plants.  More>>
Congratulations to Harry Duckworth, Chemistry, and Spencer Sealy, Biological Sciences, who after distinquished careers have each been conferred with the title: Professor Emeritus.  More>>
Synthetic and Organic?  Phil Hultin and his team of graduate and undergraduate student researchers are working on the synthesis of organic molecules that could potentially form the basis for new drug therapies.  More>>
Gary Anderson, Biological Sciences, is working with students and collaborators to try to save the endangered Lake Sturgeon.  More>>
Congratulations to Mike Strick, U of M's Co-operative Education Student Champion Award winner.  More>>
   Owing to concerns over potential flooding, plans are underway to evacuate the Delta Marsh Field Station.  More>>
Congratulations, Melissa Bailey, 2010 National Co-op student of the year.  More>>
Congratulations to Faculty of Science researchers Margaret Docker, James Roth and Jane Waterman who are CFI funding recipients.  More>>
 Lets Talk Science at Polo Park Shopping Mall.  More>>
Congratulations Tapash Chakraborty, Physics and Astronomy, on the renewal of his Canada Research Chair in Nanoscale Physics.  More>>