Delta Field Station Evaculated Due To Flood Concerns
posted 22 March 2011

Sandbagging underway; equipment and resources moved

The Delta Marsh Field Station, operated by the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Science, is being evacuated temporarily because of flooding concerns.

Mark Whitmore, dean of science, notes: “To protect the safety of our employees, we will officially evacuate the station on April 1, 2011. This date was chosen based on provincial predictions that we could lose our access road into the station as early as April 4, 2011.” The Station will be re-opened as soon as it is safe and possible to do so.

The Delta Marsh Field Station is a research and teaching facility located on the south shore of Lake Manitoba. It borders Delta Marsh, a “Wetland of International Significance” under the Ramsar Convention, and is one of the largest lacustrine marshes in North America. The Field Station property is part of a designated game-bird refuge and wildlife protection area, most of which was designated in 1987 as an ecologically significant area.

Several staff at the facility have begun making flood preparations. It is expected the road to the site will be washed out and the station to be surrounded by icy water. Based on their past experience with floods, staff will sandbag buildings which are susceptible to flooding, raise equipment in low-lying storage and workshop areas well above ground or move them to higher ground elsewhere on the site. All research groups and other organizations that have booked time at the station will be making alternate arrangements during April and May.

Despite the evacuation, a level of security will be maintained at the site.


For more information, contact John Danakas, director, public affairs, at: 204-474-8551

Great Horned Owl at Delta Marsh Field Station