Chakraborty - Renewed Canada Research Chair
posted 10 January 2011
adapted fom an aricle by Katie Chalmers-Brooks
originally posted 2 December 2010

The federal government has renewed major funding for a University of Manitoba professor, who is a pioneer in his field. Physics and Astronomy professor, Tapash Chakraborty, whose research involves the miniaturization of electronics, has been renewed as a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (CRC).

The designation, which is accompanied by $1.4 million over seven years, is awarded to research leaders in natural sciences and engineering, health sciences, or social sciences and humanities. Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, announced in Toronto on Wednesday $275.6 million for 310 new or renewed CRCs at universities across the country. The program aims to recruit or retain in Canada the world’s most accomplished and promising researchers.

“I applaud the ongoing achievements of Dr. Chakraborty and Dr. Del Bigio,” said Dr. Digvir Jayas, vice-president (research) at the University of Manitoba. [Del Bigio, Pathology, has also been renewed as a Canada Research Chair] “These are exceptional members of our faculty who have contributed a great deal to advancements in their field and we are proud of their accomplishments.”

Tapash Chakraborty, Canada Research Chair in Nanoscale Physics, is a leader in nanoscience, a rapidly growing field given the relentless drive for the miniaturization of electronics. He explores the physical properties of systems on a scale of a few nanometres (one nanometre equals one billionth of a metre). He is a top researcher in the rapidly developing field of graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms that is poised to replace today’s silicon microelectronics. His focus is broad and includes novel electronic and magnetic properties of DNA molecules, quantum dots, and spin transport in semiconductors—an important step in developing spintronic devices. Spintronics is an emerging field of technology in which the spin of electrons is exploited.

The University of Manitoba has 48 Canada Research Chairs.


Dr. Tapash Chakraborty
Physics and Astronomy