Congratulations Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition Winners!

l-r: Jacqueline Richelle, Biological Sciences; Mark Whitmore, Dean; Michael Harder, Physics & Astronomy; Amy Nadeau, Chemistry

posted 16 December 2010

Faculty of Science students swept first place in the Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition held on 5 November in University Centre.  Congratulations to our winners!  The posters will be displayed, on rotation, in 239 Machray Hall, so drop by and see them.

January 2010 - Health Sciences Category

Jacqueline Richelle, Biological Sciences:  Introducing the zebrafish model as a new approach to studying satellite cell activation, supervised by Judy Anderson.

February 2010 - Natural Sciences Category

Michael Harder, Physics and Astronomy:  Seeing the Invisible: A New Method for Microwave Imaging, supervised by Can-Ming Hu.

March 2010 - Applied Sciences

Amy Nadeau, Chemistry: Polyketides from Daldinia Loculata Cultured from Northern Manitoba, supervised by John Sorensen.