Archives: News and Announcements 2009
Julien Arino, Mathematics, is the lead mathematician in the interdisciplinary team trying to understand more about the spread of diseases, like H1N1, through the air transport system.
Richard Sparling, Microbiology, and David Levin, Biosystems Engineering, are co-leaders in a $10.4 M project looking for new ways to convert agricultural waste materials into biofuels and other products.
pruitt50 In memory of William O. Pruitt, Jr., Senior Scholar, Department of Biological Sciences
Abba Gumel, Mathematics, has recently been featured in The Bulletin and the Winnipeg Free Press.  Find out more about the award-winning researcher's work.
Jeffrey Marcus, Biological Sciences, is the most recent Canada Research Chair to be appointed to the Faculty of Science
Spencer Sealy, Biological Sciences, is the 2009 winner of the Jamie Smith Memorial Mentoring Award in Ornithology. 
As part of the continuing WestGrid development, the University of Manitoba is building a new $2.6M facility.  Byron Southern, Physics & Astronomy, is a principal investigator and is currently Chair of the WestGrid Executive Committee. 
Pourang Irani has been awarded $50 thousand from the Manitoba Government to transform personal mobile interactive devices.
 Major funding for the Faculty of Science.
Mark Whitmore re-appointed as Dean 
Judy Anderson, Biological Sciences
NO damage control for muscles. 
In Memory of Guy Durocher, Colleague and Friend
Kenneth Standing, professor emeritus, Physics & Astronomy, honoured at convocaton.

Faculty of Science staff win service awards.

New Funding for Science Outreach Program
Thomas Berry, Mathematics, receives NSERC funding for the Peguis Science, Engineering and Technology Symposium.
Kumar Sharma recently participated in a pothot safari with CBC's Information Radio; find out what he discovered.
Finding New Clean & Renewable Energy Systems 
Michael Freund, Torsten Hegmann, and Douglas Thomson received $1.2 million to develop the components that could be used to create a clean and renewable fuel-generating system.
Canada Research Chair in Conducting Polymers and Electronic Materials, Michael Freund, Chemistry, is involved in developing new strategies for controlling the chemical and electronic properties of conducting polymers as well as their use in sensing applications.
Tapash Chakraborty, Canada Research Chair in Nonoscalse Physics, and his post-doctoral researcher David Abergel, have developed a theory which   has implications for industries hoping to make the next generation of computer chips.