Faculty of Science Support Staff Win Service Awards

l-r, Gerri Acorn, co-op coordinator, computer science; David Barnard, university president
photo by Bob Talbot

Posted 27 May 2009

Faculty of Science support staff were honoured at the Awards of Excellence reception on Tuesday, May 12, 2009.  Staff were winners of both the Service Award of Excellence and the Team Award of Excellence.

Service Award of Excellence - Gerri Acorn

Gerri Acorn is the co-op coordinator in the department of computer science. She supports students through a variety of structured workshops and a great deal of one-on-one help. Students highly value Gerri's contribution to their academic lives and the department's co-op program. Gerri is a "go-to" person in the department when faculty members have questions about industrial priorities, and her inputs contribute to keeping course material relevant in the current market. Gerri's strong positive relationships with hundreds of government and corporate employers act as bridges to the benefit of the students. Gerri has been generous in sharing her many ideas with the other co-op programs across campus. As one of her colleagues observed, "Gerri has completely redefined the role of the co-op coordinator, it is barely recognizable when compared to the post before her arrival."

Team Award of Excellence - Faculty of Science Office Staff Team

l-r, Mark Whitmore, dean; Trevor Schultz, Jill Ogston, Greg Sobie, Denise Alcox, Joan McConnell, Melynda Chestley, Irenna Dudar, Diane Strymbiski, Marilyn Shantz and Lorraine Lester; missing, Andrea Deters-Yarema, Robin Flynn, Khosrow Hakimzadeh, Val Matthes, Lori Ross, Margarita Rowley and Fred Wong.  Photo by Bob Talbot.

This group of staff is the epitome of a team effort. They work together in a collegial, respectful fashion for the betterment of the faculty and the university. They are proud of their work, and meet and communicate with each other constantly so this large team can work as one. Team members are knowledgeable, courteous, pleasant, responsive, and prompt. They anticipate problems and needs and offer service in a welcoming and friendly way. They enjoy working together, and build on their sense of team by supporting one another. The impact of the team was well captured with this quote from their nomination   "Beyond their individual competence, they create an office atmosphere that is welcoming and positive,  and are a constant pleasure to work with...they coax a smile from everyone!"