Barrett Hamilton Lectures


Dr. Terrie Williams
(University of California, Santa Cruz)

“Racing to Extinction: Conservation Earth's Mammalian 'Super Athletes'”

Dr. Williams spoke on muscle performance, swimming energetics and plasticity and factors that affect the behaviour and population dynamics of marine and terrestrial animals.

Dr. Terri Williams - Short Biography

Williams Lab


Dr. Merav Ben-David
(University of Wyoming)

“Can Polar Bears Cope with Ice Loss in the Arctic?”

Ben-David spoke about how ice loss negatively affects individual polar bears and trends that scientists are observing in polar bear populations.

Ben-David's webpage

Ben-David at Polar Bear's International


Dr. David Post
(Yale University)

"Ecological Importance of Biodiversity Among and Within Species"

Post spoke of the connectivity among animals within ecosystems and how ecological interactions are shaped based on morphological and behavioural differences.

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Dr. Lonnie Thompson
(Ohio State University)

"Abrupt Climate Change: Perspective from the World's Highest Mountains"

Thompson spoke of the connectivity among animals within ecosystems and how ecological interactions are based on morphological and behavioural differences.

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Dr. Barry Glickman
(University of Victoria)

“Darwin Backwards While Looking Forwards”

Glickman reported on his seven year sailing adventure on board S/V Darwin's Passage, retracing the route of the H.M.S. Beagle (albeit backwards) and what he learned about Darwin and his life. The lecture concluded with a discussion of Darwin and religion.

Glickman's website

2009 Lecture Synopsis


Dr. Stephanie Jenouvrier
(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)

“Penguins in Jeopardy Under Global Warming in Antarctica”

Jenouvrier studies the correlation among climate variations, fishing efforts and the population of large seabirds such as penguins, albatrosses and petrels.

Jenouvrier's webpage


Dr. John Croxall
(Chair of Global Seabird Programme of Birdlife International)

"South Georgia Wildlife and Heritage: Past History, Future Prospects"

Croxall spoke on Antarctic biology of seabirds and conservation based on his work on interactions between top predators and their prey and the environment.

Croxall's webpage

Croxall's Marsh Award for Conservation Biology