Improving Facilities

Domalaon Ronald

In the Faculty of Science our goal is to ensure that each student who comes through our doors has the best possible learning experience.  We have been working to upgrade our teaching spaces so that students are able to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and refurbished spaces.  In the last ten years we have renewed most of the Buller labs, renovated space for the Biological Sciences department, and moved our Computer Sciences Department into the EITC building so that our students can have the advantage of learning in modern labs, classrooms and teaching spaces.

The next phase of our renewal is focused on two key areas

1.     Undergraduate Chemistry Labs

Almost every science, medicine, dental and pharmacy student will take at least one Chemistry Lab course in their academic career. Many of the labs have not been upgraded in any way for more than 50 years.  To embrace modern teaching techniques, provide a state-of-the art science curriculum, and recognize the central role Chemistry plays in many sciences, the Faculty of Science will renovate and update 11 undergraduate teaching laboratories to create dynamic learning environments. 

2.     Biological Sciences Greenhouse

The current Biological Sciences greenhouse was built as a temporary structure in 1963 and is in need of a renewal.  This much needed space will expand the ability of our faculty and students to conduct research and grow the plants needed for teaching labs. This renewed space with complement the recent investments we have made in creating modern biology labs creating an exceptional learning environment for all our Biological Science students. 

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