The beginnings of TV Lectures

Dr. Robert Connor

Dr. Robert Connor, first Dean of the Faculty of Science, writes the following on the advent of TV lectures:

"But a change did occur in the mid- to late sixties when, in the midst of registration in September, the zoology department found an unprecedented and unexpected rise in enrolment, which had filled their complement of sections with a fully committed faculty.  On the evening this situation was discovered, there seemed to be two alternatives: (1) to cut off enrolment the next morning; or (2) go to a form of electronic teaching via closed-circuit television.  The president was apprised of the situation and the decision was made to try TV lectures.   

This was not a premeditated action but one forced upon the administration by unforseen circumstances.  Thus far, only one department was involved and was coping with an emergency situation, it being thought unconscionable to suddenly and without warning exclude students from a course on which their future careers might depend" (Connor, 86).


Connor, R.D. (2004). The Expanding World of Physics at Manitoba: A Hundred Years of Progress: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba.  Winnipeg, MB: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba.     

(Photo courtesy of the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, PC80 A83-052 005 326:003)