Annual Influenza Vaccine

All Bachelor of Nursing students are required to have the annual influenza vaccine prior to attending clinical courses in Winter Term (January-April).

This regulation was passed by University of Manitoba Senate in May, 2015. The purpose is to protect the people we care for during clinical practice. Information regarding the responsibilities of health care providers to protect patients by having the flu vaccine is on page 51 of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization Statement on Seasonal Influenza Vaccine for 2017-2018.

Students can obtain the influenza vaccine at:

  • Pharmacies;
  • Nurse practitioners’ offices; or
  • Physicians’ offices.

The Confirmation of Influenza Vaccination Form must be signed by the care provider and submitted  by November 18, 2017 to:

  • Teresa Blonski, Student Services Assistant;

Contraindications for receiving the flu vaccine are previous anaphylactic reaction to the influenza vaccine or developing Guillain-Barre syndrome within six weeks of previous influenza vaccine. Students who have these contraindications are to submit the Influenza Vaccine Waiver Form signed by the health care provider, by November 18, 2018. Please note that pregnant women are encouraged to have the influenza vaccine.

Students who do not provide proof of receiving the flu vaccine or a waiver form will not be permitted to attend clinical courses in Winter Term 2018.