PhD in Nursing - Core Courses

NURS 8000 Philosophy of Nursing Science (3 credit hours) In-depth study of relevant paradigms, theories, and conceptual frameworks in science and professional nursing that will contribute to and support students’ thesis endeavors.

NURS 8010 Advanced Qualitative Research for Nursing (3 credit hours) This course is a comprehensive series of seminars which enhance a deeper understanding of the philosophical underpinnings, application, and critical appraisal of qualitative research inquiry.

NURS 8020 Advanced Knowledge Translation & Health Care Policy (3 credit hours) A course that challenges the student to explore the evidence and thoughtfully consider how knowledge translation and policy frameworks can support strategies for mobilizing and maximizing research findings in clinical, professional, and political action.

Research Methods Course (3 credit hours) An elective course in quantitative research methods to be chosen in consultation with Faculty Advisor.

NURS 8030 Doctoral Student Seminars (0 credits hours) A dynamic seminar series to stimulate and facilitate academic discourse, professional socialization, proposal/thesis/development, funding opportunities and integration into the professional, university and national/international community of nursing scientists and their collaborative partners.