Academic Advisor for International Students

After November 1st, an initial assessment of the application is completed to determine if you meet the basic admission requirements. If you are eligible for admission, based on the initial assessment of your application, you will be advised to obtain an academic advisor. Therefore, it is recommended that you review the expertise of available academic staff before you submit your application, so that you are familiar with the expertise of potential advisors in the College of Nursing, in the event that you are admissible.

The profiles of the academic staff are available for review at the following link: The academic staff who are possible advisors are also members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and hold the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. Please do not contact any academic staff directly until you have been advised to do so by the College of Nursing.

If you are assessed to be eligible for admission, you will be asked to provide the names of academic staff who you think might be an appropriate advisor for your proposed area of study. You will be referred to one or more academic staff to discuss potential advisement. It is expected that you will be prepared to discuss your proposed research topic/question and methodology with potential advisors; as well, you may be asked to  provide samples of your academic writing.
After an academic staff member agrees to advise you in your studies in the event that you are admitted, you must complete the Statement of Intent, as indicated in admission requirement #8 of the above General Admission Process, by March 1.

Note: For the MN Program, it is advised that you align your area of research interest with the expertise of the academic advisor. You may have to adjust your research topic to fit the expertise of the College of Nursing academic staff if there is not an academic staff member whose area of expertise is a good fit for your area of interest. It may not be possible to consider your application for admission if there is not an available or appropriate advisor. Potential PhD students are expected to have a fairly specific focus for their planned program of studies and to seek an advisor who has expertise in their area of study.

Note:  Meeting the minimum program requirements and obtaining an academic advisor does not guarantee admission to the graduate program to which you have applied.