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The College of Nursing at the University of Manitoba offers programming in the undergraduate and graduate level. We are committed to provide nursing care in a variety of settings and to make a difference in people's lives. We offer programs in a community that is characterized by a mosaic of cultural groups.
Undergraduate Programs

As a Bachelor of Nursing graduate, many exciting employment opportunities will be open to you. Through the College of Nursing, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills you need to enter a fulfilling career in this rapidly changing and exciting field.

Registered Nurse
Clinical Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Health Care Policy Analyst

Bachelor of Nursing (BN)

The Bachelor of Nursing progam is a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) degree. The first year of the program is completed in University 1. Students will be exposed to technical theory combined with hands-on clinical practice, and apply skills in real-life situations.

Baccalaureate Program for Registered Nurses (BPRN)

The Baccalaureate Program for Registered Nurses (BPRN) is a program for Registered Nurses leading to a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) degree. The program offers full-time and part-time study. Courses are offered on-campus and by distance education.

*The University of Manitoba's Bachelor of Nursing Program is accreditated by the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM). The current approval ends December 2018.

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Our program offers a solid base in nursing knowledge combined with a hands-on clinical practice, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-life situations. With internationally recognized faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll have access to everything you need to succeed in this challenging, diverse and satisfying program.

Apply the theory you’ve learned in a low-risk setting. Test your skills on mannequins that simulate a variety of conditions, complete with readings and reactions that provide crucial feedback.

Study with the best. Many of our faculty are involved in research that influences how healthcare is delivered in Manitoba and beyond.

Build personal and professional relationships with your peers that will last a lifetime.

Receive guidance from our Elder-in-Residence. All students, faculty and staff at the University of Manitoba are welcome to access this service.



"I  pursued a career in nursing because it's important that I make a difference to the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities."
— Jane, first-year BN student


"A career in nursing offers me plenty of choices so I can adapt my profession to fit my lifestyle; and the opportunities for life-long learning are endless."
— John, first-year BN student