Masters Program: Occasional Student Status

A student wishing to take graduate courses with no intention of proceeding toward an advanced degree at the University of Manitoba is classed as an occasional student. Occasional students must meet the same degree and grade point average entrance requirements as regular graduate students and must write final examinations in the courses taken (unless auditing), but receive no credit toward a degree. In special circumstances, an occasional student may apply for permission to proceed to a degree program and also apply for the transfer of credit for courses taken in the occasional category. 

  1. Transfer of courses from the “occasional category” to a degree program is not automatic: request for advanced credit may be made within the first year of a degree program.
  2. Fees paid by a student while registered as an occasional student are not transferable, at a later date to a degree program.
  3. Registration in the occasional student category can be for no more than one academic year without reapplication.
  4. Graduate level course work must be taken while registered as an occasional student.
  5. Within the College of Nursing, occasional student status MAY be recommended to Master of Nursing applicants, upon recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee. The Associate Dean may also recommend Occasional Student status as warranted.
  6. A maximum of 12 credit hours in Nursing courses at the graduate level may be taken; there are no restrictions on the number of credit hours taken outside the College of Nursing. Occasional Student status does not guarantee space availability in courses as priority is given to current Master of Nursing students.