Associate Dean, Graduate Programs:

As the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, I invite you to explore the options available for graduate studies within the College of Nursing.

The overall goals of our graduate programs are to promote leadership and influence practice through critical inquiry and research dissemination. We strive to create an innovative learning environment that fosters personal and professional development, appreciation for diversity, mentorship, critical thinking and reflection, and the development of collaborative partnerships in education, research, health care delivery and service. We utilize a student-centered approach to teaching and learning, with innovative and flexible programming, to achieve the goals of our programs.

Our Master of Nursing Program affords students the opportunity to focus their studies on education, clinical, or administration. In addition, a new and innovative Nurse Practitioner stream in our MN Program was launched in the fall of 2013. Our Doctoral Program in Nursing is designed to educate and develop outstanding researchers of the future.

Our graduate programs are supported by a team of nationally and internationally renown, leading edge nurse scientists, including a CIHR Applied Chair in Reproductive, Child and Youth Health Services and Policy Research, a Manitoba Research Chair in Caregiver Communication, and a CBCF Chair in Psychosocial and Supportive Care Oncology Research. As well, the Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research is a rich resource for all of our graduate students.

We welcome all inquires from potential students and faculty. Please explore our website and contact us for further information.

Jo-Ann Sawatzky, RN, PhD