Endowment Fund - FAQ

Does the endowment fund provide money for graduate theses?
The endowment fund does not support individual graduate theses but is prepared to direct money from the fund to Student Aid and Awards to be used expressly for this purpose. The endowment fund advisory committee (EFAC) would need to receive a proposal requesting that this be done.

Can a request be made for the purchase of audio-visual material or computer software?
Yes, however, the applicant should first ensure that no monies are available in the existing budget before applying. Please contact College of Nursing Business Manager at 204.474.9669. Such proposals must also be vetted through the UGP Quality Assurance and Governance Committee.

Does the endowment fund provide monies for the purchase of equipment such as printers and photocopiers?
Generally the endowment fund cannot be used for purchasing equipment which would result in ongoing operating costs for the College of Nursing.

Can undergraduate students apply to the endowment fund for assistance with tuition fees and other educational expenses?
The endowment fund does not support individual students in this way but proposals may be submitted requesting that money from the fund be directed to Student Aid and Awards to sponsor scholarships/bursaries for undergraduate and BPRN students.

What are some examples of projects that have been funded?

  • Assessment, contributing factors and perceived consequences of sleep health in undergraduate nursing students
  • Research Project: The Effect of a Palliative Care Nursing Course on Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitudes about Cancer Pain Management, and Attitudes Toward Care of the Dying
  • Workshop speakers for staff retreat and workshop
  • Student delegate to CNSA national and regional conferences
  • Integrated concept maps research to support benefits of use in clinical practice
  • Exploring CEF mentoring needs

How is it determined which projects will be funded?
The endowment fund advisory committee reviews each proposal using predetermined criteria which focus on three main areas:

  • The proposal’s relevance to the goal of the fund i.e. enhancing the work of the College of Nursing in the pursuit of excellence in the areas of nursing education, practice and research
  • The quality of the proposal
  • The assessed need for funds
  • Recommendation from the MCNHR on the approval of projects which involve research or evaluation that must be submitted to the College of Nursing endowment fund in Professional Foundations (administered by the MCNHR annually, application deadline April 1).

    Detailed information about the application guidelines and criteria are available on the College of Nursing website. Once a decision has been made by the committee, a recommendation is forwarded to the Dean of the College of Nursing who must approve the decision before funds are disbursed.

Is it possible to resubmit a project?
Yes. Sometimes proposals are not funded initially because adequate information is not available in the application but the intent of the proposal is very relevant. Often in this situation, the committee will suggest that the applicant(s) resubmit. A common area where applicants have difficulty is the budget itself. The committee strongly encourages applicants to discuss the budgetary aspects of their proposal with the College of Nursing Business Manager (204) 474.9669.

What happens to the remainder of the funds that are not awarded?
Funds that are not awarded may be returned to the fund and reinvested as part of the endowment fund principal. Another option is to carry the funds over to the next year and use them for awards at that time. A third option is to create a second “call for proposals” in that year so all the monies may be awarded.

When can applications be made to the endowment fund and when are decisions made?
In January of each year, the endowment fund advisory committee puts out a notice or “call for proposals” inviting college, support staff, students, and alumni to apply. The deadline for these applications is the end of March. The committee members then review the proposals individually before coming together as a committee at the end of April to make a final decision. Applicants are normally notified about funding decisions in May.

Where may the application forms be obtained?
The applications forms are available online from the College of Nursing website.

Updated July 2016

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