Academic Staff

Annette Schultz, RN, PhD
Associate Professor

P: 204.258.1311
F: 204.233.7214



PhD, University of British Columbia
MN, University of Victoria 
BSN, University of Victoria
Diploma of Nursing, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Sciences
 Other Appointments (Academic/Research)
Mentor: CIHR Training Grant in Population Intervention for Chronic Disease Prevention: A Pan-Canadian Program
Affiliated: Member Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU)
Affiliated: Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
Alumni: NEXUS: Researching the Social Contexts of Health Behaviour
 Specialty/Clinical/Teaching Areas
Clinical Interests: My nursing career began as a pediatric registered nursing primarily in acute care settings. As a policy consultant, I co-led the development of entry-level competencies for newly graduated registered nurses. Finally, as a researcher my work has focused on health services and policy context in relation to health priorities. While individual behaviors play a role in health status, health service systems and policies also play a dynamic role in health status of populations.

Teaching Areas: Evidence Informed Practice, Advanced Knowledge Translation and Health Policy, and Research methods

 Current Research

My program of research focuses on health services and policy research. An emerging focus is First Nation People heart health guided by two-eyed seeing and decolonizing research methodologies. As well, for the last 10 years I have explored tobacco use issues, management, and control within the context of health care services and policies.

My goal here has been to enhance treatment of tobacco dependence within diverse health care contexts, which focused on reframing treatment as nicotine withdrawal symptom management rather than solely cessation. While I am active in both research areas, increasingly my primary focus will become First Nation People’s health. I commonly integrate a variety of research approaches within a study; I have considerable experience with conducting mix-methods studies. Please see my St-Boniface Research Centre homepage for more details concerning my program of research.

 Recent Grants

2014-2018: CIHR Aboriginal People’s Health Institue: $709,987
Title: Diversifying our Ways of Understanding Heart Health among First Nations People in Manitoba: A Mixed Methods Study Governed by a Two-Eyed Seeing Approach
PI: Dr ASH Schultz
Co-Applicants: Ms. K Throndson; Drs.; R Brownlie, C Cook, R Fransoo, F Hussain, A Katz, E McGibbon, T Nguyen, and J Sawatzky

2014-2015: CIHR Planning Grant: $25,000
Title: Strengthen organizational capacity for public health equity action: Developing a research agenda
PI: Dr. Benita Cohen
Co-is: Drs. Chircop, Collins, McGibbon, Schultz & VanderPlaat

2013-2014: CIHR Planning Grant: $25,000
Title: Diversifying our Ways of Knowing Cardiovascular Health among First Nations People in Manitoba; Cross-sectorial Collaboration for Advancing the base of Evidence
PIs: Dr. ASH Schultz (nominated); Ms. K: Throndson
Co-Investigator: Dr. M. Anderson, Dr. C. Cook, Dr. F. Hussain, Dr. E. McGibbon, and Dr. J. Sawatzky

2013-2014: Health Science Centre Foundation (Winnipeg, MB): $10,127
Title: Exploring vicarious traumatization in health professionals working with people living with HIV
PI: Dr. Elaine Mordoch
Co-applicants: Dr. A Schultz, and Ms. A Chalmers-Jutsl

2012-2013: Subvention du Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS): $14, 955
Title: Collaboration interdisciplinaire : l’expérience d’intégration d’un nouveau rôle dans un centre de santé primaire francophone en situation minoritaire.
PI: Dr. Danielle de Moissac
Co-Applicants: Ms. L Prairie and Dr. A Schultz

2012- 2013: Pfizer Canada: $81,067
Title: Evaluating the Implementation of a Nicotine Withdrawal Management Intervention in an Acute Care Setting
PI: Dr. ASH Schultz
Co-Investigators: Mr. Thurmeier, Dr. Sawatzky, and Dr. Guzman

2011-2012: Health Canada Federal Tobacco Control Strategy: $169,013. Title: A New Focus On Tobacco Use Prevention & Cessation - Engaging the Canadian Optometry Community. PI: Dr. Ryan Kennedy
Co-investigators: Drs. Spafford, Schultz, Fong, Hammond, Brule, Thompson

2010-2011: Health Science Centre Foundation (Winnipeg, MB): $7,068.  Title: Tobacco dependence and cessation among people living with HIV/AIDS. PI: Dr. ASH Schultz. Co-Applicants: Dr. B Temple and Ms. J. Preston

2010-2011 CIHR Catalyst grant, Health Equity: $73,228. Advancing the evidence to build a research program for developing Public Health capacity to promote health equity. PI: Dr. B Cohen. Co-Applicants: Drs. Schultz, McGibbon, VanderPlaat, and Bassett

2010-2011: CIHR 'Operating Grant: Programmatic Grants in Health and Health Equity' Letter of Intent submitted: $13,535. Strengthening Public Health Capacity for Action to Achieve Health Equity. Nominated PI: Dr. Benita Cohen. Co-Applicants: Drs. Schultz, McGibbon, VanderPlaat, and Bassett.

2009-15. CIHR Training Grant in Population Intervention for Chronic Disease Prevention: A Pan-Canadian Program. ($1,950,000). Principal Applicants: Drs. Roy Cameron, Barbara Riley, Roberta Ferrence, Kim Raine, Carolyn Gotay, Ron Plotnikoff. Co-Applicants: 58 additional mentors, including Dr. Annette Schultz.

2009: Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) Seed Grant (Dr. McDonald, PI) ($5000). Exploring the shifting culture surrounding tobacco use on in-patient psychiatric units post implementation of smoke-free hospital grounds policies: rural and remote perspectives. Principal Investigator: Mr. Lyle Grant; Co-Investigators: Dr. Schultz; Ms. McCaig

2009: Canadian Action Network for the Advancement, Dissemination and Adoption of Practice-informed Tobacco Treatment (CAN-ADAPTT) (Dr. Peter Selby, PI) Seed Grant: $5,000. Smoking Cessation Referrals and Optometrists: Assessing Canadian Practices and Opportunities. Principal Investigator: Mr. Ryan Kennedy Doctoral Student University of Waterloo Department of Psychology. Co-Investigators: Drs. Schultz & Spafford and Mr. Iley.

2009-2010: Canadian Tobacco Control Research Initiative (CTCRI) Planning Grant ($14,500). A survey of health professionals’ training in tobacco reduction counseling on the Canadian prairies. Principal Investigator: Dr. Hyndman; Co-Investigators: Mr. Franscipillai, Ms. Bradley, Ms. Kvern; Drs. Patterson, Schultz, Taylor, Thomas.

2009-2010: CTCRI Ideas Grant ($49,608). Exploring issues of equity in Canadian tobacco control initiatives: An environmental scan. Co-Principal Investigators: Drs. Benita Cohen & Schultz; Co-Investigator: Mr. Walsh.

2009: Government of Canada International Scholarship Program: Graduate Students' Exchange Program funded by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and administered by the Canadian Bureau for International Education ($9,880). Supervisors: Drs. Annette Schultz & Judith Scanlan. Doctoral student from Havana Cuba: Aliel Garcia (3 month fellowship). Topic Area: Tobacco Control; Adolescent Health; Health Promotion; Health Professionals.

2009: CTCRI Fast Track Policy Grant ($72,008). Exploring the shifting culture surrounding tobacco use on in-patient psychiatric units post-implementation of smoke-free hospital grounds policies. PI: Dr. Annette Schultz Co-Is: Mr. Grant, Ms. Snowball, Dr. Rasden & Ms. Green.

 Recent Publications

Kennedy, RD, Spafford, MM, Douglas, O, Brulé, J, Hammond, D, Fong, GT, Thompson, ME, Schultz, ASH (2014). Addressing Patient Tobacco Use in Optometric Practice: A Canadian Study. Optometry and Vision Science 91(7):769-77.

Rieger, K Schultz, ASH (2014) Exploring arts-based knowledge translation: Sharing research findings through performing the patterns, rehearsing the results, and staging the synthesis. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing 11(2):133-9.

Schultz, ASH, Nowatzki, J, Ronson, G (2013) Household Socialization and Youth Susceptibility to Smoke: Differences between Youth Age Groups and Trends Overtime.  American Journal of Public Health, 103(7): e 39-42.

Cohen, B, Schultz, A, McGibbon, E, VanderPlaat, M, Bassett, R, GermAnn, K, Beanland, H, Fuga, L, (2013) A Conceptual Framework of Organizational Capacity for Public Health Equity Action 
Canadian Journal of Public Health, 104(3); e 262-266.

Schultz, ASH, Temple, B, Gibson, C, Prestion, J, Ronson, G (2013).  Living with HIV and tobacco dependence: Listening to those who do and exploring their health care context. Journal of Association of Nurses in AIDS Care;01(3); 1-14. 

Shopik, N.A., Schultz, A.S.H., Nykiforuk, C.J., Finegan, B., & Kvern, M. (2012). Impact of Smoke-Free
Hospital Policies: Patient Experiences and Perceptions Health Policy; 108(1): 93-98.

Schultz, ASH, Finegan, B, Nykiforuk, CIJ, Kvern, MA (2011). A qualitative investigation of smoke-free policies on hospital grounds. Canadian Medical Association Journal:183(18): E1334-E3144

Spafford, M.M., Kennedy, R.D., Iley, M.D., & Schultz, A.S.H. (2011). Smoking and blindness: What optometrists want their patients to see. Canadian Journal of Optometry; 73(2): 25-38.         
Kennedy, RD, Spafford, MM, Schultz, ASH,  Iley, MD, Zawada, V. (2011). Smoking cessation referrals in optometric practice: A Canadian pilot study. Optometry and Vision Science; 88(6),766-71.

Johnson, J. L., Malchy, L. A., Ratner, P.A., Procyshyn, R. M., Bottorff, J. L., Groening, M., Schultz, A., Osborne, M. (2010) A profile of tobacco use among community dwelling people with serious
mental illness. BMC Psychiatry, 10:101

Spafford, M.M., Iley, M.D., Schultz, A.S.H., & Kennedy, R.D. (2010) Tobacco dependence education in optometry: A Canadian pilot study assessing practices and opportunities. Optometric Education; 36(1): 38-44.

Schultz, ASH, Nowatzki, J, Dunn. DA, Griffith, EJ. (2010) Effects of household socialization on youth decisions to take up smoking: A secondary analysis of the 2004/05 Canadian Youth Smoking Survey. Chronic Diseases in Canada;30(3): 71-77.

Nowatzki, J, Schultz, ASH, Griffith, EJ. (2010) Household smoking socialization: Contextualized separately through parental and youth perceptions. Chronic Diseases in Canada;30(3), 78-84.

Schultz, ASH., Housain, S., Johnson, JL. (2009) Modeling influences on acute care nurses’ engagement in tobacco use reduction. Research in Nursing and Health, 32(6), 621-634

Schultz, A.S.H., Bottorff, J.L., & Barclay McKeowan, S. (2009). Nurses’ use of qualitative research approaches to investigate tobacco use and control. In L. Sarna & S. Bialous (Vol. Eds.), Annual review of nursing research:  Advancing nursing science in tobacco control (Vol. 27, pp. 115-144). New York: Springer.

Johnson, J. L., Malchy, L. A., Ratner, P. A., Hossain, S., Procyshyn, R. M., Bottorff, J. L. Groening,M., Gibson, P., Osborne, M., Schultz A. (2009), Community Mental Healthcare Providers’ Attitudes and Practices Related to Smoking Cessation Interventions. Patient Education and Counselling.

Reimer Kirkham, S., Baumbusch, JL., Schultz, ASH., Anderson, JM. (2008). Knowledge development and evidence-based practice: Insights and opportunities from a postcolonial feminist perspective for transformative nursing practice. In Perspectives on Nursing Theory 5th edition ed. P Reed & N Shearer. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Leatherdale, S, Viehbeck, S, Murphy, C, Norman, C, Schultz, A. (2007). The tobacco control community of tomorrow: A vision for training. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 98(1): 30-32.

Reimer Kirkham, S, Baumbusch, JL, Schultz, ASH, Anderson, JM. (2007). Knowledge development and evidence-based practice: Insights and opportunities from a postcolonial feminist perspective for transformative nursing practice. Advances in Nursing Science, 30, 26-40.

Schultz, ASH, Johnson, JL, & Bottorff, JL. (2006). Registered nurses' perspectives on tobacco reduction: Views from Western Canada. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research 38(4), 192-211.

Schultz, ASH, Bottorff, JL, Johnson, JL. (2006). Tobacco within acute care hospitals: An ethnographic study of nurses' workplace. Tobacco Control; 15(4):317-22.

Schultz, ASH. (2005). Tobacco reduction within the context of acute care hospitals. Oncology Nursing Forum, 32(1), 171. (published conference abstract).

 Recent Awards

2013 Dr. Lester Janoff Award for Writing Excellence from the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry; article reference: Spafford, M.M., Iley, M.D., Schultz, A.S.H., & Kennedy, R.D. (2010). Tobacco dependence education in optometry: A Canadian pilot study assessing practices and opportunities. Optometric Education, 36, 38-44

2010: University of Manitoba (UM) and University of Manitoba Faculty Association Merit Award; Research and Scholarship in the Sciences category.

2010: Rh Award, for outstanding contribution to scholarship and research in the health science; UM

2003-2005: Canadian Institute of Health Research, Health Services & Policy Research Institute, Research Fellowship ($100,000).

2003-2005: Strategic Training Program in Tobacco Research, Fellowship top-up award ($4000)

Research Brief Reports

Schultz ASH, Gibbons C, Temple B, Preston J (2011). Exploring tobacco dependence and cessation among people living with HIV/AIDS: Brief Report.

Cohen, B, Schultz, ASH, Walsh, R, Fuga, LA, Bartmonvich, C (2011). Exploring issues of equity within Canadian tobacco control initiatives: an environmental scan: Brief Report.

Schultz ASH, Bartmonvich C, Snowball N, Kvern M, Finegan B, Nykiforuk CIJ, Ramsden V, Green M (2010). Exploring Tobacco Use Management Post-Implementation of Smoke Free Hospital Grounds Study (ETS): Reflecting on Enforcement and Compliance within this context.

Schultz, ASH, James, M, Ramsden, V, Green, M, Snowball, N, Bartmanovich, C. (2010). Exploring Tobacco Use Management on Psychiatric Units Post-Implementation of Smoke Free Hospital Grounds Study (ETS): Brief Report.
Schultz, ASH, Oosterveen, J, Kvern, M, Nykiforuk, C, Finegan, B, Shopik, N (2009). Exploring Tobacco Use Management Post-Implementation of Smoke Free Hospital Grounds Study (ETS): Brief Report.

Media Interviews and Coverage:

October 27 to November 17, 2011
CMAJ publication: Smoke-free Hospital Grounds

Newspaper Report Interviews

  • Annie Tobin Health-Lifestyle Reporter Canadian Press; article in Canadian national & regional newspapers 

  • Sharon Kirkey Health Reporter Post Media News; article in national & regional Canadian newspapers

  • Kirk Klocke Scientific and Medical Report for International Business Times

Radio Interviews

  • CBC Radio News interviewed by Louise Charette; story broadcast nationally

  • Humber Radio ON interviewed by Andrea Hall

  • Rob Breakenridge Show QR77 and 630 CHED AB

  • Scott Thompson Show CHML AM900 Hamilton ON

  • Ontario Today CBC Radio 1 noon hour phone in show with Rita Celli

  • Simi Sarah Show CKNW Radio Vancouver, BC

Television Interviews

  • Global News Calgary Heather Yourex Health Reporter

  • Global News Winnipeg Peter Chura News Anchor

  • CBC Morning Show Fredericton NS Susan King Host

July 8th - November 21, 2010
CDIC publications: Youth resolve to remain smoke-free and legislation to ban smoking in cars with children.

  • November 21, 2010. Health Reports CJOB
  • July 22nd, 2010. Television interview with Joanne Kelly, Shaw TV Winnipeg Channel 9.
  • July 14th, 2010. Press release: Manitoba Legislature with Hon. Steve Ashton, Minister of Transportation. Coverage:
    • CTV Winnipeg
    • CBC News Manitoba
    • Global TV Manitoba
    • “Smoking ban will keep kids form lighting up” (Winnipeg Sun, July 15, 2010)
  • July 8, 2010. Press release at CancerCare Manitoba with Hon. Jim Rondeau, Minister of Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors, Provincial Government of Manitoba, and the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. Coverage:
    • CTV Winnipeg
    • CBC News Manitoba
    • Global TV Manitoba
    • Breakfast television CHMI-TV Winnipeg
    • Live radio interview with Richard Cloutier, CJOB
    • Live radio interview with Chris Reid, CJOB
    • “Kids less likely to experiment if not exposed to smoking: studies” (Winnipeg Free Press, - Online edition July 8th, 2010; Brandon Sun – Print edition July 9th, 2010)
    • “Seeing smoking linked to kids puffing“ (Winnipeg Sun, July 8th, 2010)
    • “Campaign targets smoking around children“ (Winnipeg Free Press, July 9th, 2010)
    • “Children less likely to smoke if not exposed to it in car or home: studies” (Canwest News Service: Financial Post and National Post, July 9th, 2010)
    • Quebecour News Media 
    •  “Evidence clear that smoking bans reduce teen smokers“ (Winnipeg Sun, July 11th, 2010)
    • “Study: Smoking bans help children remain smoke-free” (The Bulletin: University of Manitoba, August 19, 2010).