Academic Staff

Suzanne Lydia Lennon, BA, BN, PhD.
Assistant Professor

P: 204 474 7136
333 Helen Glass Ctr


My research program is informed by 17 years as a bedside nurse in obstetrics and neonatology. Having the opportunity to witness the challenges faced by childbearing women and their families as they interact with the healthcare system is a powerful motivator for me to seek ways to improve the quality of that interaction. My research focuses on several topics which are linked by the target population of women of childbearing age, their families and their communities. All the projects within my program of research are conducted through a gendered lens. Notably, I focus on pregnancy risk perception for both women and their male partners, the experience of child apprehension for both mother and father and the effect apprehension has on parental health and well-being. I also am interested in instrument development and psychometrics. I do not subscribe to any particular methodology, but rather select study design based upon the research questions. My current research projects include a confirmatory factor analysis to test a modified version of the Perception of Pregnancy Risk Questionnaire and three systematic reviews focusing on gender, prenatal care and chronic pain in childbearing women I am a co-investigator on a project to incorporate Indigenous knowledge into nursing and midwifery curricula. I currently teach NURS 4500 Gender and Reproductive Health in the BN program.


Research/Teaching/Clinical Interests:
  • Risk perception
  • The impacts of paternal involvement in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Child apprehension
  • Development of research instruments
  • Issues related to the health of the LGBTTQ population