Academic Staff

Lorna Guse, RN, PhD
Associate Professor

P: 204.474.8113
F: 204.474.7682




PhD, University of Manitoba
MA, University of Manitoba
BN, University of Manitoba
 Other Appointments (Academic/Research)
Research Affiliate,  Deer Lodge Centre
Research Affiliate, Riverview Health Centre
Affiliate, Centre on Aging, University of Manitoba
 Specialty/Clinical/Teaching Areas
Research Interests: quality of life and older adults in long-term care settings

Teaching Areas: gerontological nursing in the undergraduate and graduate programs

 Recent Publications

Guse, L. (2013) Assessment of the Older Adult, Chapter 7 in Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care, third edition, Kristen L. Mauk (editor), Boston: Jones and Bartlett.

Roger, K, Guse, L, Mordoch, E. and Osterreicher, A. (2012). Social Commitment Robots and Dementia. Canadian Journal on Aging, 31(1), 87-94.

(This article was also published in Portuguese in the Brazilian journal, Fragmentos de Cultura, 22 (1), 49-59, January/March 2012.)

Mordoch, E., Osterreicher, A., Guse, L.,  Roger, K. & Thompson, G. (2012). Use of social commitment robots in the care of elderly people with dementia: A literature review. Maturitas, published on-line, November 2012. 

Chernomas, W., Care, W. D., Lapointe McKenzie, J., Guse, L. & Currie, J. (2010). “Hit the ground running”: Perspectives of new nurses and nurse managers  on role transition and integration of new graduates. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 22(4), 70-86.

Gregory, D., Guse, L. W., Davidson Dick, D., Davis, P. & Russell, C. (2009). What clinical learning contracts reveal about nursing education and patient safety. Canadian Nurse, 105(8), 20-25.

Novotny, P., Smith, D., Guse, L., Hartmann, L., Alberts, S., Goldberg, R., Gregory,  D., Johnson, M., & Sloan, J. (2010). A pilot study assessing social support among cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials: A comparison of younger versus older adults. Cancer Management and Research, 2, 133-142.

Guse, L. (2009). Assessment of the older adults. In K. Mauk (Ed.), Gerontological nursing: Competencies for care (2nd ed.), pp. 232-259.