Academic Staff

Carol Enns, RN, MN
Executive Director, Clinical Education

P: 204.474.9519
F: 204.474.7682



MN, University of Manitoba
BN, University of Manitoba
 Specialty/Clinical/Teaching Areas

Research Interests: Mentoring, Nursing Education, Caring and Nursing, Post-Operative Nursing Care

Clinical Interests: Adult Surgery

Teaching Areas: Acute Care Nursing, Teaching and Learning in Nursing, Clinical Education

 Recent Publications
Enns, C.L. & Sawatzky, J.V. (2016). Emergency Nurses Perspectives: Factors Affecting Caring. Journal of Emergency Nursing. Volume 42, Issue 3, pages 240-245.

Sawatzky, J.V., Enns, C. L & Legare, C. (2015). Exploring key predictors of intent to leave in critical care nurses; what nursing leaders need to know. The Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing, 26(2), 24.

Sawatzky, J.V. & Enns, C.L. (2012). Striving to create a mentorship culture: One faculty’s journey. UTS Path to Pedagogy, 20(2), 12-17.

Spence, J., Goodwin, B., Enns, C., Vercheya, N. & Dean, H. Patient Safety education: An exploration of student driven contextual learning – submitted August 2011 – Journal of Nursing Education – December 2011.

Sawatzky, J. A., & Enns, C. L. (2009). A mentoring needs assessment: validating mentorship in nursing education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 25(3), 145-50.

Sawatzky, J. V., Enns, C, L., Ashcroft, T. J., Davis, P. L., & Harder, B. N. (2009).Teaching excellence in nursing education: A caring framework. Journal of Professional Nursing, 25(5); 260-266.

Spence, J., Goodwin, B., Enns, C., Vecherya, N. & Dean, H. (2010). Changing attitudes towards patient safety: The impact of student driven, contextually-based interprofessional learning. Quality and Safety in Health Care. 

 Recent Awards
Favorite Faculty – Nursing Student Association (2010)
Faculty of Nursing Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2010)