Academic Staff

Carla Shapiro, RN, MN

P: 204.474.6218
F: 204.474.7682



MN, University of Manitoba
BN, University of Manitoba
 Specialty/Clinical/Teaching Areas
Research Interests: Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice; Pain Assessment in Children

Teaching Areas: Law & Ethics in Nursing Practice, Growth & Development across the Lifespan, Health Promotion in Families, and Nursing Care of Children & Adolescents

 Recent Publications
Johnston, C., Gagnon, A., Rennick, J., Rosmus, C., Patenaude, H., Ellis, J., Shapiro, C.Filion, F., Ritchie, J. & Byron, J. (2007). One-to-One Coaching to Improve Pain Assessment and Management Practices of Pediatric Nurses. Journal of Pediatric Nurses, 22 (6), 467-478.

Shapiro, C. (2006). Our Neighbours to the North: Canada Speaks Out. Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews.

Shapiro, C. (2005). Legal Implications in Nursing Practice. In J. Ross Kerr (Ed.), Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing (3rd Ed). (Chapter 8, pp.113-126). Toronto: Mosby Co. (In Press)

Shapiro, C. (2005). Organ Transplantation in Infants: The Case of K’aila Paulette. Pediatric Nursing, March/April., 31, 2, 121-22.

 Recent Awards
University of Manitoba Student’s Union & UTS Students’ Teacher Recognition Award – Certificate of Teaching Excellence (May ‘07)