Academic Staff

Bernadine Wallis, RN, BN, M.Ed

P: 204.474.9882
F: 204.474.7682



1994-1996 University of Manitoba
    Master of Education 
    Thesis topic:
  “Potential Boundary Violations between Psychiatric Nurses and their Patients

1982-1986 University of Manitoba   
    Bachelor of Nursing

 Current Experience

2011 - Present   Instructor II, University of Manitoba Faculty of Nursing
Providing undergraduate education in Leadership, teaching learning, Mental Health, Senior Practicum and Independent Study

 Previous Experience
2005-2011   Clinical Nurse Specialist Mental Health
First Nations and Inuit Health Branch.
Providing consultation, education, development and research in all areas of mental health at the regional, national and community level.  Consultation re: programs and service delivery models direct patient management National education committee Education for nursing, community programs staff, FN

Community committees:
Provincial Trauma Leadership
Provincial Suicide Leadership
Provincial Youth Suicide Strategy Steering Committee

Working groups:
Enhanced education for C&A Mental
Enhanced C&A mental health services to remote communities
BRHA CSU advisory board 2009                            
1998-1999, 2006-2010 - nil appointment to University of Manitoba Faculty of Nursing                 Guest Lectures and student advisor for independent studies   
1996-Present - Private Contracts

Education and Counseling Services
including contracts with Medical Services Branch for therapy in Aboriginal Communities including education for onsite staff.
Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre: Mental Health Training Project coordination and evaluation
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority:  Prevention is 9/10ths of the Law instructor
Interlake School Division training for school counselor’s development and delivery of sessions on depression, anger management

2002 - 2005  Psych health Centre, Health  Science Centre (0.4 EFT)
Nurse Therapist Child and Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health Services
Providing psychotherapy assessment and treatment for outpatients

2002 - 2005  Interlake Regional Health Authority (0.5 EFT)
Clinical Education Coordinator
Providing clinical education for nurses and education for all employees in acute and community care, support services and administration.
Development and evaluation of curriculum.
Learning needs assessment to identify knowledge gaps and develop plans to address. 
Clinical resource for staff.
Research and advice on the development of an Occupational Health program for the Health Authority.

1998 - 2002 Interlake Regional Health Authority
Community Mental Health Worker Child and Adolescent
Assessment and treatment of children and adolescents
Community education per requests – adolescent depression, parenting

1997 - 1998 Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (0.5 EFT term)
Community Mental Health Worker Adult

1994 - 2001; 2002 Psych health Centre (part time/casual)
Staff nurse/float nurse - All units in psychiatry

1994 - 1996 Teaching Assistant for Nursing Research Methods, Community Health
Nursing, Nursing Care of Families with Mental Illness Lecture delivery, marking papers, supervision of 10 distance students

1993 - 1996 Medical Services Branch Thompson, MB
Zone Nursing Officer
Management of five nursing stations
Development of nurse in charge education conference

1990 - 1992 Children’s Hospital Health Sciences Centre (term)
Nurse Clinician Pediatric Respirology
Assessment, treatment, education and research related to children respiratory    
diseases including cystic fibrosis development, implementation and evaluation of CF patient education tool. Assisting with annual family education conference for CF

1989 - 1990, 1992 - Health Action Centre (term)
Reproductive Health Educator
Obstetric gynecology clinic, school and patient education, Health Promotion Programs
Committee on Unplanned Pregnancy - advertising campaign (radio and billboards)                            
Development of Big Break Comic Books
Prenatal Classes

1988 - 1989 Keewatin Community College  The Pas, MB
Nursing Instructor - both clinical and lecture for first year RN Instructor for clinical and lecture health care aide programs

1987 - 88,    Medical Services Branch  (fulltime/casual 1988-1993
Community Health Nurse 
Providing primary care in isolated posts including nurse in charge duties & providing public health, health promotion activities and disease prevention

1986   Rehabilitation Hospital, Health Sciences Centre
Staff Nurse  - head injuries and orthopedics 
 Awards and Honours

Recipient of the 1995 Judy Hill Memorial Scholarship for Academic and Professional Achievement in Northern Nursing

College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba
Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses
Manitoba Mental Health Nurses Interest Group
Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association
University of Manitoba, Faculty of Nursing

NURS 4310 - Instructor: Nursing Leadership Issues and Practices summer 2011 sections A01 & A02, Winter, Summer & Fall 2012

NURS 4200 - Instructor: Teaching-Learning BPRN Fall 2011, Summer 2012 online, Fall 2012

NURS 4290 - Faculty Advisor: Senior Practicum Fall 2011 4 students 12 weeks

NURS 4210 - Faculty Advisor: Independent study Fall 2011 one student, Winter 2012 – 1 student,

Fall 2012 – 1 student
 Additional Skills
Advanced computer skills using Microsoft Office including development of an HTML jeopardy
training game for emergency skills

Development and management of Access student data base for mental health training project

Development of training materials including Power point, comic book, assessment tools

Writing program proposals
 Scholarly and Creative Works

FNIH Clinical Guidelines on Mental Health for Nurses in Primary Care with Josephine Muxlow
Proposal for the use of Mental Health first aid in outpost nursing 2009
Tool for Review and Assessment of Anxiety 2007
Tool for the Assessment and Management of a Suicidal Patient updated 2011
Proposal for Mental Health Nurse Pilot Project 2006
Workshop Review published in March 2005 Collective Consciousness
Proposal for IRHA Occupational Health Services Program 2004
Communicating for Results 2004
Learning From Conflict 2004
Restraints in Long Term Care 2004
Least Restraints in Acute Care 2004
Self-Learning Package for Blood Administration 2005
Summary Report of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Training Project
Summary: Potential Boundary Violations Between Psychiatric Nurses and Their Patients 1996 published in fall 1996 RPNAM Newsletter

Co-investigator: Workers’ Experience with work related musculoskeletal disability (WRMSD and Worker’s Perception of Organizational Policies and Practice: The implications for disability management and work absence. Ethics approval granted November 2012. Data collection beginning March 2013

Mental Health Nurse Pilot Project Evaluation, Advancing the Role of the Mental Health Nurse in a FN Community March 2009
CNS/staff learning needs assessment 2008
Staff Learning Needs Assessment annually 2002-2005 IRHA
Potential Boundary Violations Between Psychiatric Nurses and Their Patients 1996
Community Mental Health Therapist Pilot Project 1993-1994
Respiratory Nurse Clinician satisfaction survey 1991
Cystic Fibrosis Patient Education Tool evaluation 1991

 Professional Development
2011 UTS Workshops

January 20      An Intercultural Context in Teaching

January 25      Hands On: Developing Engaging Assignments in Action

March 7          Sharing the Wealth: Using Reference Management Tools

March 18        A Syllabus Students Will Read - 2 hours

March 22        Tips for Teaching Large Classes  - 2 hours

July 13, 14      New Faculty Orientation 8:30-4:00

Sept 28           Grading as a Dynamic Process 9-12

October 12      Teacher Action Research 9-12

November 3     Beating the Midterm Blues: Strategies to Rejuvenate the Class 2 hours

2011 Research presentations
January 25       Dr. Elaine Murdoch-Through the Eyes of a Child

March 15         Dr. Bev Temple-Title: Using Models of Knowledge Translation to Develop a Research Program

August 23        Office of Research Services CHIRP Training 2 hours

November 18   Dr. Elaine Murdoch- Assisting Students with Trauma in the                              Classroom

2011  MMM sessions and Faculty Development
February 7     Donalda Wotton and Sara Shuster - “The Last Straw”

March 9         Donna Martin and Eunice Friesen - Collaborative Testing

March 16       Lesley Degner and Jo-Ann Sawatzky - a session for Graduate Faculty

March 31       Terri Aschroft and Marion McKay - Transformative Learning/Curriculum Development
April 7           Peggy Allman-Anderson, Barb Goodwin and Jason Chin - IClickers!

April 11         Lorna Guse and Fiona Jensen - Active Learning Strategies

August 25      Staff development Day
                     Linking courses in the 4 year program 8:30-1200
                     Curriculum Development Update 1pm-4pm

September 27 Curriculum Development Update Marion MacKay

November 17 Privacy, Professional Obligations, and Electronic Communication-MarieEdwards andPat Zaborniak

December 12  Faculty Development Day: Stress Management 0800-1400

2011 Workshops
March 8        Wiley on line- Creating on Line customized tools for students 1 hour

May 3           Distinguished Visitor Gabor Mate 9-12, 3-4

May 4           Katherine Penner Lit Searches 1 hour

May 5           Katherine Penner Ref Works 1 hour

June 13         Concept based Teaching and Learning Dr. Giddens 3 hours

June 14         Teaching with Virtual communities Dr. Giddens 3 hours

Nov. 28, 29   HQS Professional Development- Responding to clients with complex PTSD – Natalie Zlodre

NETNEP Nursing Education Conference: Changing the landscape for Nursing and Healthcare Education- June 2012 Baltimore Maryland USA June 17-22, 2012
Pre conference workshop 4 hours June 17: Writing for Publication

Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses Conference - Halifax October 2009

CAAPN Conference 2008

C.N.A. Conference 2007

What Works: Promising Practices in Suicide Prevention - Vancouver 2007

FN Suicide Prevention Conference - Montreal 2006

Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses Conference - Winnipeg 2005

Workplace Trainers Conference 2004  

Safe Work Conference 2004

Cystic Fibrosis International Congress - Dublin Ireland 1992

Respirology Conference - Arlington VA 1991

American Lung Association Conference Anaheim, CA 1990

Rehab Nursing Conference - Philadelphia 1986  

Workshops, Courses
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Introduction 2009

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Retreat 2009

French Language Training   2002-2007

Designing Web Based Learning 2005

Solution Focused Family Therapy   2005

Cost Justification Workshop 2004

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 2004  

Writing Training Material 2003

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy   2002       

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 1997

The Psychology of Winning, La Jolla CA 2000

Learning for Leadership –Thompson, MB 1993

Counselling Theories 1993

Psychotropic Medications 1991

Working with Immigrant Families 1988

Working with Family Violence 1988

Mental Health Grand Rounds at HSC weekly as available
Education for Mental Health Workers: IRHA: Assessment, Mini Mental and Mental Status, Psychopharmacology February, May and October 2012

Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses Oct 2009 Advancing the Role of the Mental Health Nurse in a First Nations Community

Poster Presentation International Council of Nursing/CAPN conference, Implementation of the Role of the CNS: Breaking New Ground pending September 2008

Anxiety Disorders Assessment 2007

Maintaining Boundaries in Rural Communities 2005

Solution Focused Brief Therapy 2005;

Stress management 1999-2006

Speaker, Native Nurses Association, March 2007  Assessment and Management of Suicidal Adolescents

Speaker Canadian Nurses Association, Saskatoon, 2006 Implementation of the Role of the CNS

Speaker Mental Wellness Well Being Learning Circle April 2006 Halifax Stress Management

Speaker International Cystic Fibrosis World Congress Dublin Ireland, 1992
Patient Education Tool for Families with New CF Diagnosis

Winnipeg 1 School Division - Series for students on reproductive health, STIs, and decision making. 1990
 Committee Service
Distinguished Visitor Faculty of Nursing University of Manitoba

WISH Clinic – orientation October - Clinic day November 27th 1-5 pm

Mental Health Commission of Canada, Winnipeg Steering Committee 2009- 2012

Canadian Diabetes Association 2003-2005

CCRN Foundation Lobster fest 2003-2004

Arthritis Association 1999-2000

Child and Family Services 1993-1994

BCLS 1983-2010, 2012

BCLS Instructor 2002-2007

Critical Incident Stress Management/Community Trauma Postvention 1997

Certified Canadian Counselor 1996-2013

Certified Level one EMDR practitioner 1997

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Instructor 2004-2006