Message from the Director, Clinical Education

As Director, Clinical Education, I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an overview of the clinical/ practical component of our program. The clinical environment (including hospitals, nursing homes and community health agencies) provides students with the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a nurse. Students will interact with patients and families as part of their clinical education.

The clinical environment is supported by faculty in a variety of ways, in order to develop the qualities and abilities required as emerging professionals. Clinical Course Leaders provide an orientation to the clinical course for students. Site Program Leaders are available “on site” at the various hospitals to support student learning. Clinical Education Facilitators are nursing instructors who provide direct learning assistance with students at the bedside or in the community setting. Close working relationships with the various health care agencies maximizes opportunities for learning. We have a Student Affiliate Program with our tertiary hospitals, allowing students to complete most of their clinical experiences in one placement.

Learning and performing as a student is supported by our state of the art Skills Laboratory. This hospital simulated setting provides students the opportunity to practice essential nursing skills. Instructors engage in hands on demonstrations, and students are able to practice these skills in a supportive environment. Welcome to the College of Nursing, where learning is enhanced in a supported and caring environment.

Carol Enns RN MN
Director, Clinical Education