Administrative and Support Staff

We are proud to have a highly collaborative and team-oriented support staff at the Faculty of Music.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our programming.  Use the brief descriptions below to find the person who can best address your question, or you can contact our general office at 204.474.9310.


dawe Dean: Dr. Edmund Dawe

As the Dean of the Faculty of Music, Dr. Dawe oversees all aspects of our programming.  He works closely with the Associate Dean and the Business Manager on all matters and approves or offers advice on all financial, academic, musical, artistic, and policy activities.  Dr. Dawe leads our strategic and long-range planning activities, and works closely with the Alumni Association on outreach to our graduates and the Development & Advancement Services office on fundraising activities.  Dr. Dawe acts as the liason between our Faculty and the University's upper administration.
Contact: Room T307 | ph 204.474.9310

 Karen J Associate Dean: Dr. Karen Jensen

In the role of Associate Dean, Dr. Jensen oversees many aspects of our programming, particularly curriculum, credit-related policies, degree requirements, academic regulations, and all academic issues. She works closely with the Dean and the Student Advisor on budget procedures and strategic and long-range planning matters.  She also oversees the work of Faculty committees, plans the course rotation schedule and develops academic teaching loads and faculty and course assignments.
Contact: Room T205 | ph 204.474.9536 | email

Admissions and Advising

Student Advisor
Soon Kong

Soon is the student advisor for all programs, and is in charge of all credit-related and degree-requirement aspects of our program from a student's admission through to their graduation. She also monitors scholarships and awards, courseloads, student statistics and grades, and admission of non-music majors to specific courses.  Soon assists the Dean and Associate Dean.
Contact: Room T313  |  204.474.9133  |  email

Admissions Coordinator/ Marketing Assistant

Sarah Heidahl

The Admissions Coordinator/Marketing Assistant handles all aspects of a student's admission to our faculty, from the student's initial contact through to completion of their registration.  Sarah is part of the recruitment team and works with the Marketing and Communications office to promote Faculty of Music activities.

Contact:  Room T315  |  204.474.6728  |  email

Finance/HR Assistant

Paula Stimpson

Provides support on financial and administrative matters to faculty members and administrative staff in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures.

Contact: Room T304 | 204.474.8062 | email

Support Staff

Office Assistant
Meaghan Glidden

Meaghan is the friendly face waiting to greet you at the front reception desk. She assists the faculty, staff and students in many administrative and logistical aspects of our department.
Contact:  Room T319  |  204.474.9310  | 

Information Technologist Supports faculty and staff in all digital and electronic needs.

Facilities & Events Coordinator Sue Stone Scott

Sue oversees our facilities, equipment and events.
Contact:  Room T303  |  204.474.9408  |  email

Donor Relations
Development Officer
Carolyn Basha

Contact: Room T302 |  204.318.2908 | email