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Academic Faculty

Sessional Instructors

Administration & Support Staff


Dr. Edmund Dawe, B.Mus. B.Mus.Ed. (Memorial), M.Mus. (Western Ontario), D.M.A. (British Columbia); Professor; Dean

As the Dean of the Faculty of Music, Dr. Dawe oversees all aspects of our programming. He works closely with the Associate Dean and the Business Manager on all matters and approves or offers advice on all financial, academic, musical, artistic, and policy activities. Dr. Dawe leads our strategic and long-range planning activities, and works closely with the Alumni Association on outreach to our graduates and the Development & Advancement Services office on fundraising activities. Dr. Dawe acts as the liaison between our Faculty and the University's upper administration.

Dr. Karen Jensen, B.Mus., L.Mus. (Saskatchewan), Recital Dip. (Royal Academy of Music), L.R.A.M., Ph.D. (London); Professor, Voice, Vocal Pedagogy; Associate Dean

In the role of Associate Dean, Dr. Jensen oversees many aspects of our programming, particularly curriculum, credit-related policies, degree requirements, academic regulations, and all academic issues. She works closely with the Dean and the Business Manager on budget procedures and strategic and long-range planning matters. She also oversees the work of Faculty committees, plans the course rotation schedule and develops academic teaching loads and faculty and course assignments.

Professors Emeriti

  • Henry Engbrecht, A.R.C.T., B.Mus. (Bethel College), M.Mus. (Southern Methodist), LLD (University of Manitoba)
  • Michael Matthews, B.Mus. (California State University Northridge), M.A. (California State University Sacramento), Ph.D. (North Texas State University)

Academic Faculty      back to top

  • Will Bonness, B.Mus. (Manitoba); Assistant Professor, Jazz Piano
  • Mel Braun, B.Mus., M.Mus. (Toronto); Associate Professor; Vocal Area Coordinator; Musical Director of Opera Theatre
  • David Byrne, B.Mus. (UBC), Dip. Wind Conducting (Calgary), M.Mus (Manitoba) Ph.D. (candidate Cincinnati) ; Assistant Professor; Theory 

  • Dr. Minna Rose Chung, B.Mus. (Oberlin), M.Mus. (Northwestern), D.M.A. (Stony Brook); Associate Professor, Cello; Orchestra Coordinator

  • Dr. Edmund Dawe, B.Mus. B.Mus.Ed. (Memorial), M. Mus. (Western Ontario), D.M.A. (British Columbia); Professor & Dean
  • Karla Dawe, B.Mus., M.Mus. (Western Ontario); Instructor, Basic Skills, Rudiments, Style & Structure
  • Jacquie Dawson, M. Mus (Manitoba) B. Mus (Newfoundland) B. Mus. Ed (Newfoundland)
  • Dr. Gordon Fitzell, B.Mus. (Brandon), M.Mus. (Alberta), Ph.D. (British Columbia); Professor, Theory, Composition, Director of eXperimental Improv Ensemble
  • Dr. Elroy Friesen, B.Mus., B.Ed., M.Mus. (Manitoba), D.M.A. (Illinois); Associate Professor; Director of Choral Studies, Director of Choirs (U of M Women's Chorus, U of M Singers, Cantata Singers), Graduate Conducting
  • Derrick Gardner, B.Mus (Hampton), M.Mus (Rutgers); Assistant Professor, Babs Asper Professorship in Jazz Trumpet
  • Dr. Richard Gillis, B.Mus. (Saskatchewan), M.Mus, D.M.A. (Michigan); Professor; Brass Area Coordinator
  • Jon Gordon, BMus, Assistant Professor Jazz Saxophone
  • Allen Harrington, B.Mus. (Saskatchewan), M.Mus. (Northwestern); Associate Professor, Saxophone, Bassoon, Chamber Music
  • Charles Horton, B.Mus. (Redlands), M.Mus. (North Carolina); Associate Professor, Piano, Theory
  • Monica Huisman, B.Ed., (Manitoba), Opera Dip. (Toronto); Instructor, Voice
  • Dr. Karen Jensen, B.Mus., L.Mus. (Saskatchewan), Recital Dip. (Royal Academy of Music), L.R.A.M., Ph.D. (London); Professor, Voice, Vocal Pedagogy; Associate Dean
  • Dr. Judy Kehler Siebert, B.A. (Winnipeg), M.Mus. (Toronto), D.M.A. (Eastman); Associate Professor, Piano, Collaborative Piano, Chamber Music
  • Dr. Laura Loewen, B.Mus. (Brandon), M.Mus. (Montreal), D.M.A. (Minnesota); Associate Professor, Collaborative Piano, Language Studies, Vocal Coach
  • Dr. James V. Maiello, B.Mus. Ed (S.U.N.Y. Fredonia), M.Mus. (Bowling Green State University), PhD. (University of California Santa Barbara); Associate Professor Musicology; Chair of Music Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Kurt Markstrom, B.Mus., M.Mus., M.Lib.Sc. (Alberta), Ph.D. (Toronto); Associate Professor, History, Musicology
  • Dr. David Moroz, B.Mus., M.Mus. (Juilliard), D.Mus. (Montreal); Professor, Piano, Chamber Music; Piano Area Coordinator
  • Dr. Oleg Pokhanovski, D.Mus. (Montreal); Professor, Violin, Chamber Music; String Area Coordinator
  • Dr. Catherine Robbins, B.Mus./B.Ed. (Manitoba), M.Mus. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto) - Assistant Professor, Choral Studies/Music Education
  • Larry Roy, M.Mus. (Manitoba) - Jazz Guitar, Jazz Improv, Jazz Ensemble
  • Örjan Sandred, M.F.A., Diplom i Komposition (Royal College of Music Stockholm); Professor, Composition, Acoustics, Electro-Acoustic Music
  • Dr. Jody Stark, B. Éd., M. Ed. (Alberta), Dip. F. A. (Hungary/Calgary), Ph. D. (Alberta); Assistant Professor of Music Education
  • Katherine Twaddle, B.Mus. (Toronto), P.G.C.E. Drama (Middlesex); Instructor, Opera Studies Coordinator

Sessional Instructors      back to top

  • Ethan Ardelli, Jazz Drums
  • Valdine Anderson, B.Mus (Manitoba), Opera Dip. (Toronto), B.Ed. (Manitoba)
  • Julian Bradford, Jazz Bass
  • Tracy Dahl, Voice, Artist-in-Residence 2017-18
  • Steve Dyer, B.Mus. (McGill), M.Mus. (DePaul) - Trombone
  • Patty Evans, Lic. Dip. (McGill) - French Horn
  • Donna Fletcher, B.Mus. (Manitoba), M.Mus. (Toronto), Dip. Music Theatre (Banff Centre) - Voice, Musical Theatre
  • Dr. Darryl Friesen, B.Mus., M.Mus. (Manitoba), D.M.A. (Illinois) - Piano
  • Naoum Gomon, M.Mus. (Moscow) - Clarinet
  • Micah Heilbrunn - Clarinet
  • Julie Husband, B.Mus. (Brandon) - Woodwind Techniques
  • Paul Jeffrey, - B.Mus. (Curtis Institute of Music), M.Mus. (Cleavland) - Trumpet
  • David Klassen, B.Mus. (Manitoba), M.Mus. (Minnesota) - Voice
  • Matthew Knight, B. Mus./B. Ed (Manitoba), M.A. (Alberta), Ph.D. (candidate Illinois) - Ethnomusicology Instructor
  • Bill Kristjanson, Jazz Ensemble Tech & Jazz Pedagogy Instructor
  • Jeff Kula, B.Mus, B.Ed. (Manitoba) - Percussion Techniques
  • Ken MacDonald - French Horn
  • Robert MacLaren - B.A., Ed. Dip. (McGill) - Voice
  • Robin MacMillan - B.Mus. (Western Ontario), M.Mus. (Michigan), D.M.A. (Eastman) - Oboe
  • Jamie McLennan - Voice
  • Laurel Ridd - Flute
  • Layla Roberts - B.Mus. (Memorial), M.Mus. (Ottawa) - Flute
  • James Robertson - French Horn
  • Dan Scholz, B.Mus.Ed. (Regina), Artist Dip. (McGill) - Viola
  • Brad Shigeta - Jazz Trombone
  • Stewart Sladden, Choral Repertoire
  • Stewart Smith, B.Mus. Ed. (Saskatchewan), M.M. (Northwestern) - Euphonium
  • Victoria Sparks - B. Mus./B. Ed (Manitoba) M.Mus (Butler) - Percussion & Percussion Ensemble
  • Ryszard Tyborowski, M.F.A. (Wroclaw) - Guitar
  • Shannon Unger, Jazz Voice
  • Lois Watson-Lyons, A.M.M. and A.R.C.T. (Manitoba), Concert Dip. (McGill) - Voice
  • Kyle Zavitz, M.Mus, Musicianship & Jazz Theory Instructor

Administration & Support Staff     back to top


Student Advisor

Soon Kong.

Soon is the student advisor for all programs, and is in charge of all credit-related and degree-requirement aspects of our program from a student's admission through to their graduation. She also monitors scholarships and awards, course loads, student statistics and grades, and admission of non-music majors to specific courses.

Contact: Room T313 | 204.474.9133 | email


Admissions Coordinator/ Marketing Assistant


The Admissions Coordinator/Marketing Assistant handles all aspects of a student's admission to our faculty, from the student's initial contact through to completion of their registration. The Coordinator is part of the recruitment team and works with the Marketing and Communications office to promote Faculty of Music activities.

Contact: Room T315 | 204.474.6728 |


Admissions, Marketing, and Student Advisor Assistant

Louella Yambot

Louella provides support to the Student Advisor and Admissions Coordinator/Marketing Assistant.

Contact: Room T302 | 204.474.9915 | email


Finance/HR Assistant

Paula Stimpson

Paula provides support on financial and administrative matters to faculty members and administrative staff in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures.

Contact: Room T304 | 204.474.8062 | email


Office Assistant

Amanda Wiebe

Amanda assists the faculty, staff and students in many administrative and logistical aspects of our department.

Contact: Room T319 | 204.474.9310


Facilities & Events Coordinator

Sue Stone Scott

Sue oversees our facilities, equipment and events.

Contact: Room T303 | 204.474.9408 | email