Summer Programs - Orff Certification

2018 Orff Certification Program

Levels: I and III - July 3-14, 2018

Applications will be available mid-March

Program Overview:

Each level consists of three hours of Basic Orff and an hour each of movement, recorder, choral techniques, and study-ensemble, daily.

A combined half-hour warm-up, together with students in all levels, is offered each morning.

Level I

Level I lays a foundation in Orff pedagogy, rhythmic and melodic training.  The focus in Level I is on pentatonic materials, simple bordun, basic movement instruction, choral development at the primary level, and the introduction of the soprano recorder. Level I includes a half-hour of aural skills each day.

•• Prerequisite:  a firm and recent knowledge of music rudiments at least equivalent to Theory 4 (Conservatory Canada) or Grade 2 (RCM). Practical experience on an instrument is very important.
•• Enrollment is limited to 30 students.

Level II

(Not offered in 2018)

Level II includes a review of Level I skills and involves further exploration of Orff theory and pedagogy. Materials and activities are designed to further the musical growth of the participants and to encourage study of lesson planning and curriculum for the elementary years.  Recorder classes include the study of both the soprano and alto recorders.

•• Prerequisite:  Grade of C+ or better in Level I (U of M) plus consent of the instructors.
•• Enrollment is limited to 16 students.

Level III

Level III builds on Level I & II skills with an emphasis on pedagogy, improvisation, and composition.

•• Prerequisite:  Grade of C+ or better in Level II (U of M) plus consent of the instructors.
•• Enrollment is limited to 16 students.

Level II students
2015 Orff Certification ProgramLevel II Students
L-R: Rachel MacEwan, Julianna Rempel, Lenita Waldner, Larissa Boyd, Jennifer Bjornson




For more information about the Orff program, contact:

Jody Stark, Coordinator
Orff Certification Program


Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman have inspired a global movement in music education. Their approach encourages musical creativity based upon solid pedagogical principles and is structured on a sequential development of knowledge and skills.

The Orff approach is process that relies on imaginative teachers who are confident and creative musicians! The three-level Orff Certification Program at the University of Manitoba offers an intensive course of instruction in Orff philosophy, pedagogy, orchestration and improvisation. As well as daily instruction in Basic Orff, particular attention is given to in-depth study of choral techniques, movement and recorder.

Endorsed by Carl Orff Canada

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